Programmer, OpenSource enthusiast and Hacker based in Berlin. ~ 36y old in Germany
Software developer at a german university. Likes rationality.
~ 37y old in Germany
Like Big Lewboski's landlord ~ 49.4y old in Berlin
A cat. On a synthesizer. In space.
I do many things, but mostly creative stuff with computers.
Address : Berlin - Germany Watchband Direct gives watch-wearers a way to change up the look of their watch affordably ~ 37.9y old in Germany
a fulltime developer with heart :)
Hi! I'm Niklas, an open-minded and curious computer science student at KIT in Germany.
Currently starting Uni. passionate Photographer analog/digital. I use Arch btw ;)
I like and do things ~ 26y old in Germany
Child of God | Android dev
~ 27y old in Germany
Mostly there. ~ 37y old in Germany
~ 28y old in Germany
southern germany. :)
~ 42y old in Germany