9y, 49w Nessel
9y, 47w Eay
Long-time fan of food.
9y, 42w Barning
Digital Media Student, Web & Graphic Designer
9y, 42w Dom
white guy
9y, 42w Tim Smuell
9y, 38w Kiki
Illustrator & Designer
9y, 38w Curi0us
Exists through time and space.
9y, 38w Dentaku
Ich muss aber auch alles ausprobieren.
Ich habe Alles, was ich brauche. Manchmal gehe ich einkaufen.
Am Leben.
Musik - Kabarett. Berliner Institut fur experimentelle Idiotie.
9y, 34w Ovlb
Ein Lebenslauf gebastelt, mit den Handen eines Tanzbaren.
UX & developer, former game designer, making products
9y, 32w Ctrl
Lab techie * lecturer * musician * hobby photographer * jogger * mountainbiker currently based in northern Germany.
Silver Nerd interested in Enterprise 2.0, Knowledge Management and Supply Chain Management. What else? Live and let live
9y, 25w 🐊 Pk
8y, 32w Awatolla
learning design, , education policy, peer learning, peer assessment
I do many things, but mostly creative stuff with computers.
7y, 18w Blauesee
mrzool.cc ~ 40y old in Germany
3y, 45w 🧐 Nrmn
Programmer, OpenSource enthusiast and Hacker based in Berlin.
codearti.st ~ 39y old in Germany