I do many things, but mostly creative stuff with computers.
about.qiekub.com/t... ~ 24 years old from Germany
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YEAH, I just set my Emoji-Status! :D ... But I somehow thought I could use three emoji. I guess the textbox seemed long enough
There are 10.9 million (3304*3304) combinations using just two emojis. If only Subreply will reach that many accounts.
Having no answer, I am curious. What does the broccoli symbolises?
I wrote about Emoji ID, an idea I had back in 2018 around three emoji representing you as a unique ID within federated social spaces: blog.moodle.net/20...
Why did I just found www.snopes.com ??? I ever wondered why there is no ultimate fact-checking website. Now I know ... Cause there is since 1994!
Snopes seems exactly like what Elon Musk wanted to do with Pravduh.
Opening sub.cafe/re/27594 results in an "Internal Server Error"
My bad. I replaced /register with /signup and forgot it's on single pages when you're not logged in.
I'm not getting any notifications from the Signal app (OpenWisperSystems). Has anyone the issue?
Can the OSX app get bit more padding? The text's hitting the window border.
Genuinely curious, and this is a question posed to anyone, I'm not singling you out: what is the attraction of using an app? In addition to a couple of unremovable/occasionally useful apps my phone came with like generic email, SMS and so on, I literally have: a banking app; Google Mail; and Google Maps installed. Everything else is a website saved to my homescreen, because everything wants to bombard me with notifications or otherwise waste my battery life with background se
Wow! I love the minimalism!