Programmer, OpenSource enthusiast and Hacker based in Berlin. ~ 36y old in Germany
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🧐 Nrmn "Being dead is like being stupid, it is only painful to others" -- Ricky Gervais
🧐 Nrmn Are there any mechanical and ergonomic keyboard enthusiasts here?
😃💬 Javier I have four or five mechanical keyboards. My favorite:
Nick I have Glorious Pandas being prepped for placement in a GMMK Pro that is yet to arrive. I also backed the Epomaker AK84 on Kickstarter. I would love a split ergo keeb but none really tickle my fancy at an acceptable price.
👨‍💻🎧 Matthieu V. Not specially ergonomic in any way but I have a build with the KBD67 Lite kit with Boba U4, I really like it !
🧐 Nrmn Nyxt 2 is out! Anyone tried it yet? I think it's a really good concept. nyxt.atlas.enginee...
🧐 Nrmn Sorry but what is the reasoning behind forbidding me to write the same thing twice? I just learned, that I replied with "nice!" 25 weeks ago already. So now I have to make a list of compliments to use?
Zero Edge You can't post the same thing twice?
🏒 Lucian Marin I'll improve this. Your last post shouldn't be the same, the replies in a thread shouldn't be the same, etc. They are meant to prevent spam.
🧐 Nrmn I really can't stress enough how much valuable information this article contains!
👨‍💻🎧 Matthieu V. I can't recommend enough to read all of his articles and to follow him on Twitter, he explains very well all the things he do/tinker/debug !
🧐 Nrmn Anyone here on the ?
🧐 Nrmn It's going to happen. I just registered the remote roast club! Stay tuned.
🏒 Lucian Marin 250kb of roast? :)
👨‍💻🎧 Matthieu V. what kind of roast ?
🥝 Mr do we need a ticket? they are all unavailable
🧐 Nrmn Did you find a solution for runtime type checks in your node project?
🗨🐢 Keb Hey! Thanks for following up. I ended up going with for it's tiny size and minimalism. it was also pretty easy to wrap a "validator" function around its methods
🧐 Nrmn Finally dark mode in Github! About damn time!
🗨🐢 Keb Finally, I can retire my custom Sylus CSS
🧐 Nrmn sockets in your shell! So useful!
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