French developer trying to learn something new every day ~ 25 years old from France
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Today is end to end testing setup ! We have an angular application that will be tested but it requires some web services, some work needs to be done but exciting work in perspective ! I love setting up those things (:
Hello ! I come back from some holidays and now I'm wondering if it would be worth it to learn vi/vim keybindings (maybe change my IDE when possible with some vim/neovim, install keybinding in other editors) ? If yes, what method would you recommend to me to learn them ?
I've heard vimtutor is great for this.
Go through vimtutor, read this: then start using it as your main editor, try to avoid switching to another editor. Start building your vimrc one step at a time and try to make it meet your workflow. If you're lazy, start using something like spacevim, i wouldn't recommend that but it might help if you want to get productive right away.
I used to watch destroyallsoftware... - he uses vim in a very nice way, and it gives an overview of how an advanced vim user writes code.
I used vim for over a decade and also neovim for a bit when it cam out but ended up with Kakoune. I absolutely recommend you vim if you feel like you will need the support of a strong community and lots of ready made extensions. Otherwise I'd suggest you to check out Kakoune.
October is approaching ! Do you plan to get into Hacktoberfest ?
I usually do a lot of open source contribution anyways but yes, free shirts ftw!
I hope you'll have a nice week ! Do you have any projects planned ?
I hope the same for you! I started moving my (tiny arm based) servers over to one little bit bigger X86 server. Cleaning up this mess after many years.
Recently discovered this k-pop group "BLACPINK" and I must say they have some punchy tracks !
When I made a telegram account I took the handle (at)periwinkle, which coincidentally was the handle of a past BLACKPINK channel admin. I got spammed with a lot of BP content.
I'm currently going through Rustlings, ( (which is by the way a great experience to learn the language !) but I was wondering, what to do with this new knowledge ? What can I implement ?
Since even the Linux kernel is adding support for Rust, I'd say you can implement literally everything from device drivers to web-applications.
Hello everyone! Another week starting here, I'm gonna do remote work this week, the car need some repairs
how do you enjoy remote working?
My phone is always charging when I'm working, I was wondering why not displaying some useful information ? I could do it in a basic PWA to maximize exploitable surface. What would you display ?
I always find weather information useful. Additionally of course date and time. You might show Todos and Calendar as well. The latter could be minimized to "two more events, next one in 30 minutes" for privacy reasons.
I have been a little disappointed to discover that subreply does not allow emojis in posts )': At least we have ASCII emoticons !
It claims to simplify things for the better. Not sure if I agree but it is also refreshing to go back to the roots once in a while.
Here I am for a new day at work ! I will continue my work on the current feature but I have some unit/integration test to write first !
I really glad social networks exists, I would have not known a lot but I feel like I never have anything to say, no opinion to display, am I alone in this case ? Am I condemned to be part of the "silent majority" ?
Il n'y a aucune obligation d'ecrire quoique ce soit si vous n'en avez pas envie... Vous pouvez juste parcourir les ecrits et reagir a quelque chose qui vous interpelle en particulier... Ce que beaucoup d'utilisateurs font je pense. Evidemment il faut que des sujets initiaux soient ecrits, sinon comment repondre au neant ? ;)
I am sure you have interesting stuff to share! I am also part of the 99% silent majority: I've posted to reddit only once in 7 years! The feeling of not having anything to share is merely psychological and a force of habit. Since we never post, we never think about posting. Other issues are shyness and perfectionism. I've been trying to post one thought per day here to try and change my mindset. It doesn't have to be perfect, nobody knows me here, no up or down votes.
In real life, we have beers to help us speak more easily... not on social media! :) Most of the people who speak don't have anything to say either. That's the beauty of it. We don't go to social spaces to learn, but more to connect. I'm glad you wrote your message!
I always felt like that. I think (therefore I am) about things, but I always knew deep inside me that no one really cared about my opinions, nor I had any particular urge to display them. So no, you're not alone. We're not the talkers. We're not the YouTubers. We're not the influencers. Our place is not the spotlight, but the comment box.
I used to have an opinion on everything, but now I barely post anymore. When I'm about to post an opinion I think, "Why would anyone care about my opinion?", and when I go to post something factual, I think, "They can just google that themselves." Oh well, I guess the less you post, the less chances you have to say something stupid.
I feel the same
Frankly the opposite of my experience...(if I can brag a little bit) at one point I was in the top 500 reddit users by karma. Now I'm merely top 5000, although not because I stopped participating, but because I stopped chasing the points and now participate in smaller niche communities where my words actually have value :D
Do you know any way to do some paid "contracts" in OSS ?
A way for me is to work with public universities - at least in france they are pretty happy to fund OSS that way