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How would you build an home server these days ? For self hosting purposes (Nextcloud, Photoprism, Plex and various apps like that) with maybe with around 8Gb to be futureproff
A Raspberry Pi 4 may be a good option. You can keep Raspbian or choose another Linux OS (Arch ARM). Web Server : nginx, Database : Postgresql for Nextcloud,....
My Nokia 8.1 just got Android 11, which is really fine, I find it really smoother in the overall animations and transitions !
I'm still on Android 9. I need to buy a new phone to update the OS.
Actually using Albert or rofi on Linux (X11) as application launcher, do you have any other recommendation ?
I currently use Rofi and love it, but maybe check out if you're looking for alternatives. is my go to page for such questions:
Hello Subreply ! Is there people who have experimented with Gemini ?
I know has
I would be nice to have text/gemini over http.
Just generated a brand new GPG key, to be used and also referenced via Keyoxide, I'll add all my proofs in the coming days :
some nice vibe tonight, was cruising in car on some secondary road, so I was accelerating as I exited some village and my music was ramping up with the car and then dropped some basses ! It really felt a nice moment ! (despite the car being a diesel one ) The track :
I actually prefer diesel cars because in my opinion they have their power in the right moment which is in the lower rpms.
Cruising is so zen. I got an electric longboard this week and have been exploring my town at night. Seeing areas I usually have no reason to explore, feeling the wind buffeting my jacket.. I think I might have gotten addicted to it. Your post just reminded me that I haven't been using my mp3 player so now I'm off to make a cruising playlist for tonight!
4 days into my new desktop installation with Arch + BTRFS partitions and subvolumes, everything is going well !
Great to hear! May I ask why BTRFS and not just simply Ext4 + LVM?
Just came across, really like this aesthetics ! ALso the made some really cool CLI tools with their own TUI framework in Go. And it's open source !
This looks super useful!
My favorite Linux screenshot app just got updated !
I'm already in a healthy, stable relationship with maim. How dare you tempt me.
After 2 days running Miniflux 2.0.23 on my Raspberry 2 Model B, I can say it's running pretty nice ! Sometimes when trying to display the original content of an RSS entry it take 2-3 seconds, not really an issue !
Thanks for the update!! I'm going to by a Pi sometime this month to start testing my projects. :) Thank you so much.
Today is end to end testing setup ! We have an angular application that will be tested but it requires some web services, some work needs to be done but exciting work in perspective ! I love setting up those things (:
Hello ! I come back from some holidays and now I'm wondering if it would be worth it to learn vi/vim keybindings (maybe change my IDE when possible with some vim/neovim, install keybinding in other editors) ? If yes, what method would you recommend to me to learn them ?
I've heard vimtutor is great for this.
Go through vimtutor, read this: then start using it as your main editor, try to avoid switching to another editor. Start building your vimrc one step at a time and try to make it meet your workflow. If you're lazy, start using something like spacevim, i wouldn't recommend that but it might help if you want to get productive right away.
I used to watch destroyallsoftware... - he uses vim in a very nice way, and it gives an overview of how an advanced vim user writes code.
I used vim for over a decade and also neovim for a bit when it cam out but ended up with Kakoune. I absolutely recommend you vim if you feel like you will need the support of a strong community and lots of ready made extensions. Otherwise I'd suggest you to check out Kakoune.
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