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Actually using Albert or rofi on Linux (X11) as application launcher, do you have any other recommendation ?
I currently use Rofi and love it, but maybe check out if you're looking for alternatives. is my go to page for such questions:
Hello Subreply ! Is there people who have experimented with Gemini ?
I know has
I would be nice to have text/gemini over http.
Just generated a brand new GPG key, to be used and also referenced via Keyoxide, I'll add all my proofs in the coming days :
some nice vibe tonight, was cruising in car on some secondary road, so I was accelerating as I exited some village and my music was ramping up with the car and then dropped some basses ! It really felt a nice moment ! (despite the car being a diesel one ) The track :
I actually prefer diesel cars because in my opinion they have their power in the right moment which is in the lower rpms.
Cruising is so zen. I got an electric longboard this week and have been exploring my town at night. Seeing areas I usually have no reason to explore, feeling the wind buffeting my jacket.. I think I might have gotten addicted to it. Your post just reminded me that I haven't been using my mp3 player so now I'm off to make a cruising playlist for tonight!
4 days into my new desktop installation with Arch + BTRFS partitions and subvolumes, everything is going well !
Great to hear! May I ask why BTRFS and not just simply Ext4 + LVM?
Just came across, really like this aesthetics ! ALso the made some really cool CLI tools with their own TUI framework in Go. And it's open source !
My favorite Linux screenshot app just got updated !
I'm already in a healthy, stable relationship with maim. How dare you tempt me.
After 2 days running Miniflux 2.0.23 on my Raspberry 2 Model B, I can say it's running pretty nice ! Sometimes when trying to display the original content of an RSS entry it take 2-3 seconds, not really an issue !
Thanks for the update!! I'm going to by a Pi sometime this month to start testing my projects. :) Thank you so much.
Today is end to end testing setup ! We have an angular application that will be tested but it requires some web services, some work needs to be done but exciting work in perspective ! I love setting up those things (:
Hello ! I come back from some holidays and now I'm wondering if it would be worth it to learn vi/vim keybindings (maybe change my IDE when possible with some vim/neovim, install keybinding in other editors) ? If yes, what method would you recommend to me to learn them ?
I've heard vimtutor is great for this.
Go through vimtutor, read this: then start using it as your main editor, try to avoid switching to another editor. Start building your vimrc one step at a time and try to make it meet your workflow. If you're lazy, start using something like spacevim, i wouldn't recommend that but it might help if you want to get productive right away.
I used to watch destroyallsoftware... - he uses vim in a very nice way, and it gives an overview of how an advanced vim user writes code.
I used vim for over a decade and also neovim for a bit when it cam out but ended up with Kakoune. I absolutely recommend you vim if you feel like you will need the support of a strong community and lots of ready made extensions. Otherwise I'd suggest you to check out Kakoune.
October is approaching ! Do you plan to get into Hacktoberfest ?
I usually do a lot of open source contribution anyways but yes, free shirts ftw!
I hope you'll have a nice week ! Do you have any projects planned ?
I hope the same for you! I started moving my (tiny arm based) servers over to one little bit bigger X86 server. Cleaning up this mess after many years.
Recently discovered this k-pop group "BLACPINK" and I must say they have some punchy tracks !
When I made a telegram account I took the handle (at)periwinkle, which coincidentally was the handle of a past BLACKPINK channel admin. I got spammed with a lot of BP content.
I'm currently going through Rustlings, ( (which is by the way a great experience to learn the language !) but I was wondering, what to do with this new knowledge ? What can I implement ?
Since even the Linux kernel is adding support for Rust, I'd say you can implement literally everything from device drivers to web-applications.
Hello everyone! Another week starting here, I'm gonna do remote work this week, the car need some repairs
how do you enjoy remote working?
My phone is always charging when I'm working, I was wondering why not displaying some useful information ? I could do it in a basic PWA to maximize exploitable surface. What would you display ?
I always find weather information useful. Additionally of course date and time. You might show Todos and Calendar as well. The latter could be minimized to "two more events, next one in 30 minutes" for privacy reasons.