Eclectic moron. Expects more with less clever tech. C++, Lisp, walking, simple life.
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Twitter is under attack. Subreply works fine ;)
16:9 screen on a laptop? No way. (Are they nuts or what?)
On Linux you can use Dash to Panel on left side of the screen. Same can be done on Windows to save vertical space. 16:10 is a lot better for content creation, 16:9 is for content consumption.
[Troll warning} C++ is a decent Lisp nowadays.
Janet is a decent Lisp. I like how close it resembles Python.
Too bad I don't have much to say. Subreply is cool.
How I wish all my communications could be funneled into just one channel: e-mail, chats on different media, even phone calls, etc. All registered in just one app so it stays coherent and I don't have to browse 7 apps when I'm looking for something. It's far more of a legal problem than a technical one, and it's a *shame*.
What if people around us use the same communication channel ? I mean if I setup a Mattermost instance and I convince my friends and family to use it (separated by example by differents teams) all communication (text, audio and video) can happen in the same place !
There used to be something like that for IM called Meebo. It's a great idea, but do chat systems like Facebook allow third party apps?
Memo: Maxima's equivalent to Maple's seq is makelist
Just look at all these stupid medical websites that still haven't managed to update to provide useful info when labs and hospitals are overwhelmed with covid tests and care. See how much room for improvement there's still for tech in 2020.
Silly me. Laptops never felt like real computers to me. Call me old-fashioned or just dumb, I don't care. I want a sturdy desktop. A *place* for my mind to flow towards programming and other technical stuff.
I feel I understand you. Desktop computers have a kind of physicality that makes them more reliable, a sturdiness akin to a good old-fashioned workshop tool, like a vise, or a sledgehammer. Even if most of it is just a projection, there's a mental comfort in feeling confident in its tool-like hardiness that a flimsy laptop cannot provide.
I think I'm done with smartphones. Were I able to script stuff on them they'd be useful but I don't need an ad dongle stuck in my pocker. Soon to be back to Nokia 105. Hopefully.
I have an ad free experience on my Android smartphone. iOS is horrible.
I don't use apps unless they are paid. Ads on social are inescapable but you don't have to use those either. I tried the light phone (2) and enjoyed the first day or 2 with it, but honestly a phone without GPS or the internet is kinda useless. Everyone communicates with links, images, videos, articles, locations now more than ever. I don't really want to talk on the phone anyways. If anything I want a mobile device that can't make phone calls, not the other way around.
Finding up to date info to properly install Python on macOS is a nightmare. Homebrew seems like a nice route but it's hard to find and make sense of their indication about 'unversioned symlinks' e.g. naked 'python', 'pip', etc as opposed to 'python3', etc. The symlinks are actually installed in an odd directory (/usr/local/opt/python/libexec/bin). So I had to add this weird directory to my path.
Opinion: "pip install jupyterlab" > "brew install jupyterlab"
Who decided on the default colors of emacs? Of ACME? When? Why? It's history! It would also tell something about the trend of thought that led to these choices. Personal preference? Ergonomics studies? Some agreement over a crowd? Evolved over some community and generations?, etc
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