French developer trying to learn something new every day ~ 27y old in France
~ 24.6y old in France
Eclectic moron. Expects more with less clever tech. C++, Lisp, walking, simple life.
I do design & code
daoist teacher, former computer scientist, high and low tech
30w Jack Grape
~ 40.5y old in France
1y, 47w β˜• Francesco
Indie Hacker. Founder. lead dev
2y, 1w Pauliina M.
~ 37y old in France
2y, 2w Tib Kat
commons water air dice
2y, 3w Lex
2y, 3w Marnaud
Code. Rince, repeat.
dev nerd ~ 27y old in France
Jobfree. Coder. Salty things lover.
2y, 3w Wout
figuring out 2020; jack of all trades, master of some
2y, 3w Eedev
2y, 4w Maylis A.
Designing the web
5y, 43w Nicolas M.
pains-aux-raisins-based life-form