figuring out 2020; jack of all trades, master of some
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Miso What's one thing you are currently scared about?
Wout That history will keep on repeating itself, and we'll never learn.
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😀 Tom Front page of Hacker News, nice.
Wout How I got here...
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🛡️ Cyrano I don't have much in terms of tips. Just remember that hotkeys are pretty central when manipulating things in Blender. Press F3 if you forget hotkeys or are too lazy to look through menus. Since you're getting into character design and rigging, you might want to look into the "Rigify" addon as well. Good luck in your Udemy course!
Wout Cool, will check it out thanks! Found Mixamo earlier for auto rigging via Adobe, not sure how they are making their money on that but looks very handy. Will definitely keep the F3 in mind :)
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Wout I just installed it 30 mins ago, got a Udemy course ready to start tomorrow. Particularly interested in character design and rigging. Any pro tips?
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🛡️ Cyrano uhhh, I'm not working as one but I know my way around programming. I'm actually a 3D artist by trade!
Wout THE question on my mind: Blender or Maya?
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Craig Bot Is everyone here a computer programmer?
Wout depends on the time of day
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🦄 Chip Uni All of those, honestly. I'm trying to guess when this crisis will be over in the United States.
Wout if you make the right choices in November, perhaps in 2021...
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