Animator, Programmer, 3D Artist, aspiring game designer
~ 27y old
🛡️ Cyrano I don't have any more motivation now that I'm out of college. Anyone have some tips to get it back?
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😏 Yt L. Why is subreply so positive compared to Twitter which is often negative? Is it purely like and retweet counts? Number of users?
🛡️ Cyrano I'm inclined to think it's because Subreply has a small community.
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Diva I had not heard of that book, so I did some research. Would you recommend it?
🛡️ Cyrano I haven't finished the fourth book, but so far yeah I recommend it!
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Diva I used to think that listening to audio books was "cheating" somehow; I don't really know why. But I am currently listening to a non-fiction book and I am really enjoying it. How do you feel about audio books?
🛡️ Cyrano I don't think I would be able to enjoy Super Powereds as much as I would have if I read it.
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🛡️ Cyrano Trees are so damn hard to get right in 3D modelling :/
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😕 Fine Do you like jazz? You might like Shubh Saran. I don't know, there's a lot of different kinds of jazz. It sounds a little like an instrumental Dave Matthews Band (real fans call him "Dave").
🛡️ Cyrano I've been getting into Casiopea 3rd, which is Jazz fusion. I especially love their song, Domino Line!
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🍵 Neo What music/songs have you been listening to lately?
🛡️ Cyrano Full Colors by Casiopea
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Miso I'm looking for book recommendation - what's your all time favorite?
🛡️ Cyrano The Super Powereds series is pretty great if you're into super hero books.
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⌨️ Joseph That sounds cool. So did you write an RSS reader for yourself to host then? I have a server that I use for small projects right now, so this sounds interesting.
🛡️ Cyrano Nah I didn't write one myself. It's an addon for Nextcloud.
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⌨️ Joseph Any good recommendations for an RSS reader? I'm trying to curb my mindless scrolling of things like Reddit and HN. I'm on iOS for mobile if that matters.
🛡️ Cyrano Mine's a part of my nextcloud server :D
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🐮 Slater How many unfinished projects do you have in your projects folder?
🛡️ Cyrano Five. One of them is a fan animation project that hasn't got past the "writing the script" stage
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Jayden Everyone who I know who has got really in to mobas including myself has got to the point where they're playing just to play despite it no longer being fun. Like a job that doesn't come with a paycheck. Be sure to check in with yourself regularly about if you're actually being entertained.
🛡️ Cyrano That sounds pretty crappy. I guess it's just in the way I play the game. I usually play support in the three big MOBA games, so I guess I'm not as stressed out since I'm warding more than I farm.
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Miso Do you play any games?
🛡️ Cyrano I'm new to playing Dota 2. The community doesn't seem as toxic as I heard it would be. I'm also in the middle of playing Arx Fatalis!
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💻 Kernel A little pick-me-up if you had a shitty Wednesday, my hamster being cute:
💣 Zoid Anyone familiar with Manjaro Linux? Trying to decide what distro to install on my new (to me) laptop.
🛡️ Cyrano I don't use it anymore, but Manjaro was pretty neat when I used it.
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⌨️ Joseph What operating systems are people using here? I have to use Windows 10 at work, but at home I've been rocking Fedora.
🛡️ Cyrano arch linux ^_^
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