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I finally got my i3 config setup just the way I want it... it only took a week. Now I'm looking at switching to Suckless DWM. What's wrong with me?
Same thing happened to me some month ago; i spent hours/days configuring vscode to my liking and after i was done, i decided to switch to Emacs, then after spending some days configuring it, i decided to just stick with vim and now i am not going back. You will settle somewhere, just give it time!
Nothing wrong with you. You're just realizing that you have a new hobby: setting up Window Managers.
Ha. I used to do with distros. That changed when I broke my installation by accident a couple times and the fatigue of repeated configuration that I didn't choose to do made me want stability above all. I settled on a well customized gnome, but I've been thinking about trying out dwm for some time now too. I think it's partly fueled by all the small gripes I have with the MacBook I use for work that I can't fix.
I went xfce -> awesome -> i3 -> i3-gaps -> mate -> i3-gaps -> qtile. Its never ending
Anyone excited for Fedora 33? phoronix.com/scan....
Anyone familiar with Manjaro Linux? Trying to decide what distro to install on my new (to me) laptop.
Depends on how you plan to use your laptop and how familiar you are with linux.
Antergos was a really nice distribution of Arch, but I would use Rolling Rhino to turn any Ubuntu flavor into a rolling release.
Why Manjaro? As others have asked you, is this your first time on Linux? What do you expect from a Linux distro? Check out distrowatch.com to know more about the different distros available.
I've been using Manjaro (with KDE Plasma) for a few months now and I'm pretty happy with it. Installation was really simple and the AUR is really nice. Any specific questions?
If you can manage it, I'd say just install Arch. Much easier to deal with newer software and the wiki is killer.
Do you specifically want a rolling release? Otherwise I installed MX Linux on my parents' computer and it's easy enough that I didn't need to give them tech support. mxlinux.org It's a distro that came out of nowhere but distro watch has it at the spot in popularity.
I don't use it anymore, but Manjaro was pretty neat when I used it.
I've found linux not as power efficient as Windows 10, and as such, just can't run it on a laptop. Was very hopeful we'd have a quality desktop distro by now.
Manjaro is basically "just works" arch
I had Manjaro for a long time. I'm on Arch now because I like having that explicit control over every package I've installed, but Manjaro is perfect for getting all the benefits of Arch in a ready-to-use package. That is to say, no fiddling with auto-mounting USBs and display management, etc. Highly recommend.
If you have the time, check out NixOS! It uses a different approach to package management, where you don't need to worry about dependency version mismatch. E.g., you can install Python 2 and 3 on the same machine (without venv). Plus nix-shell is great for setting up dev environments :)
I am using Manjaro on my desktop PC and I am very happy with it. Rolling release and AUR without the fiddling of Arch. Some people are turned off by their approach of "mini-point-releases": On the stable branch they don't immediately sync their repos to upstream (arch) but usually collect and test the changes for 1-2 weeks before pushing them to stable. Personally I don't have a problem with that, but some people do. For those Arch might be the better choice.
Manjaro is great because you have Arch without the necessary knowlegde to run this OS (Arch can be a little bit hard at the beginning). You can use at first and after set up Arch. But every distro have pro and contra so be careful of the package system, frequency of updates and choice of desktop environment
I used it for a year, i think, because it had a version with i3wm (which I fucking love). It was simple and noice. I installed on a macbook air (removed osx, only linux) and it played nice. I just needed to do extra work for the wifi.
Who has any thoughts on the Twitter hack?
sounded internal, like a royal messup from twitter themselves
There have to be better way to monetize.
oh man, I think it's probably the biggest hack in a long time. I wonder if it has to do with their new API being released soon. someone on HN speculated that it was because they were deprecating the old API which may have had the vulnerability.
the dashboard seems super creepy
Twitter took way too long to respond, possibly because they thought the issue was with the users and not themselves.
I hope it is not part of a much larger attack targeting elections.
Elon Musk's DMs will be interesting.
Prolly just an API access thing. Celebrities allow an app to post to the timeline, forget to revoke the permissions, bam. Guy who did it got like a hundred K or so he'll never be able to liquidate. He should have posted goatse.cc or something.
Okay... if you don't use a period you can post from mobile. If you use a period it will just insert a new line every time you press enter
Okay, so there's a mobile site. Pretty fantastic, other than the inability to send an "update"?
So what's the backstory here? Where did subreply come from and where is it going? I'm quite enjoying this.
Nobody knows, but I too am enjoying.
It's a mystery! But cool
Subreply used to be Sublevel. There were profile pictures and stuff but it was still minimalist. Had a more intimate feel than facebook/twitter/etc. which has carried over