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while pondering about the nature of social media and how it facilitates strong opinions, biases and groupthink that leads to toxicity , one wonders what it would look like if a social media were to block the use of "I" and "you", sort of like in the UK parliament (they only block the second person pronoun)
Ponder this: plenty of reasons to quitfacebook.org.
Then people would say a awful lot of me and we
And then what? You are going to restrict the speech of bad people but at the same time restrict the speech of those who want to denounce them or point out their stupidity. In doing so, forcing a PC language, you're not better then the people you want to oppose (preferentially in a peaceful manner). But I guess that's is where the West is heading towrds, new anti speech anti science dark ages... What a pity.
I guess people would just replace those words by others, such as "ii really like to eat bananas, but not with u".
Counterpoint: the UK Parliament has created a country where working class 12-year-olds are literally arrested for writing racial epithets against multimillionaire footballers on social media