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☕ David Antoine And then what? You are going to restrict the speech of bad people but at the same time restrict the speech of those who want to denounce them or point out their stupidity. In doing so, forcing a PC language, you're not better then the people you want to oppose (preferentially in a peaceful manner). But I guess that's is where the West is heading towrds, new anti speech anti science dark ages... What a pity.
🐠 Sam E. It doesn't have to be an anti speech things though. It can be a way to experiment with discussion rules and see how people adapt to new ones. The idea is flawed IMHO but interesting in itself.
🍶 Freeman while pondering about the nature of social media and how it facilitates strong opinions, biases and groupthink that leads to toxicity , one wonders what it would look like if a social media were to block the use of "I" and "you", sort of like in the UK parliament (they only block the second person pronoun)
🐠 Sam E. I guess people would just replace those words by others, such as "ii really like to eat bananas, but not with u".
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George Petsagourakis Is anyone alive in this ?
🐠 Sam E. I'm alive and good. What about you, how are you today?
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🐠 Sam E. Hello there
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Cole Hudson How exciting! Congrats!
🐠 Sam E. Thank you!
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💹 Rj Congrats on the launch Sam
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⭐ Xavi share the link, i'd love to try it out :)
🐠 Sam E. Let me know if that works for you, we are still waiting on Google to complete their review, so I don't expect it to be available wordwide yet: play.google.com/st...
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🧬 Thomas Does it have a name?
🐠 Sam E. Yes! It's named HabitCat, it's a simple application to track habits and routines. Nothing too fancy, but I'm very happy that we release our first project working as a team!
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🗻 Tomek Kolasa Nice! Congrats and good luck with the launch!
🐠 Sam E. Thanks! :)
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🦅 Simo What are you working on right now?
🐠 Sam E. Today is the release date for an mobile app projects I've made with my life partner during the past 1-2 month of lockdown. Play Store review times are quite long, but it should be live later during the day :)