Cole Hudson The emergence of synthetic biology continues apace:
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Cole Hudson Incredible quality lecture on fluid simulation:
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Cole Hudson Upset that no one has interviewed Michael Rubinstein (TED doesn't count)
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Cole Hudson Fantastic research out of CVPR this year, check out the resolution of these depth estimates!
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Cole Hudson I've been using the Levels Health glucose monitor (not diabetic, just trying it) recently. Haven't found it to be all that useful yet, though I'm only three days in. That said, I'm wondering how hard it would be to construct a bacterium which takes measurements around the body and then reports back to a similar kind of monitor. Definitely need to learn more synthetic biology soon
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Cole Hudson damn, i missed that frank slootman had written a new book:
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Cole Hudson Is gwynne shotwell gunning for public office?
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🐞 Lucian Marin Every year before WWDC I want to create a web based IRC. A few years ago I made Superthread. Recently I was thinking about a Craigslist with LinkedIn features. I got Maxmoil name reserved. Should I code this?
Cole Hudson I'm hard pressed to think of a feature that LinkedIn has that is desirable at all besides it's graph, can you elaborate?
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Cole Hudson I need a new word in place of 'crawl', 'scrape', or 'spider'. Something about those terms grate in my mind. Not sure what a good alternative would be. Maybe 'parse'? 'render'? hm
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🐞 Lucian Marin I didn't know there are so many books about refactoring and patterns.
Cole Hudson Architecture astronauts abound (lol)
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Cole Hudson I _just_ found this, kind of embarrassing tbh (it's the library at a16z)
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🐞 Lucian Marin I didn't know there are so many books about refactoring and patterns.
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Cole Hudson Lovely SFI talk, love the distinction between competitive and complementary cognitive artifacts. Also hadn't seem that particular map of particle physics before:
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Cole Hudson Does anyone know if theirs a method to the numbering of jet routes? Like is J1 the first jet route established? Or is it arbitrary, can't find any info on this. EDIT: found it: aviation.stackexch...
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Cole Hudson treating the various starship prototpyes as objects of religious mysticism is both compelling and apt. also whomever edited these is just plain talented:
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☕ David Antoine Compelling to watch for sure but I won't go as far as worship the object. But nice to see people enjoying space related things. Turned out SN15 did an almost perfect flight. Still wondering why only 2 Raptors relit instead 3 as planned. Also landed with two instead of 1. Which tells me they still have tank pressure problems and thus low thrust or, the updated Raptors can now throttle down much lower. In any case, very nice landing. But I do expect further failed attempts...
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Cole Hudson The prevalence of depression among grad students is astounding. There's a quote in Emmanuel Derman's memoir wherein Norman Christ notes that physicists spend half the time enthralled and the other half depressed. Lots to take from this. Reminds me of sigfig's tweet that damn near every famous physicist/mathematician thought that they were compelled by god to do their work. Seems unnecessary. Free the grad students!
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Cole Hudson The attempt to get physicists to use constructor theory has the same energy as the push towards geometric algebra in the gaming industry. There's an analog with functional programming here too, does not imply the same dynamics however
🐞 Lucian Marin A theory to explain other thories, that's the interesting part about it.
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