Architect, I design and build
~ 40y old in Greece
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George Petsagourakis Is anyone alive in this ?
🤔 David We're all bots
🌮 Hejo Just woke up.
🌊 Zero Two beep boop
Yu L. Everyone is a bit except you.
Adriel ping pong
🙌 Victor I hope so :)
Joao also a bot, sorry
🗨️ Fui Am I? Is anyone? What's "this"? And what's to be "in" it?
🐠 Sam E. I'm alive and good. What about you, how are you today?
🔥 Alex Confirmed not alive
Michael Anderwald All those bots are talking bullshit. They're just humans. This is a scam.
👨‍💻 Matthieu V. lurking here, away from the Twitter noise (: