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Yesterday I've watched an anime series on a usually much less glamorous sport: ping pong. And I was truly impressed how much one could dive into the psychology of sports through such simple premise: what makes one good at a sport? The series? Ping Pong the Animation (2014), by Masaaki Yuasa.
I love the fact that there is anime about anything
I have been thinking about the pains of relationship break-ups and their possible causes. What's the evolutionary path to responses like these? I theorize that the reason lies on our social nature, more specifically on our deep dependence on strong community ti in order to survive. In an atomized world like ours, where we belong to no other tribe than our immediate family, breakups easily trigger the fear if death response of being outcasted from the tribe. What do you think?
Sounds reasonable. There's also a power question that we didn't overcome yet.
Nothing. And nothing by design. That's my Saturday. What about you? Do you ever plan for a no plans day?
I'm starting my week of holidays, so sleep, pool and family !
, thanks!
I like it here. Regular people having regular conversations. This is what a sane internet used to look like.
I agree. And I hope this is what internet will revert to being in years to come.
I concur! I like the conversations and comments. I like the fact that people here can respectfully disagree and/or share their passion for niche interests. I want this to continue.
Last week of July. What did you achieve this month?
Been pretty regular on running and cycling trainings. Work was ok. Finished watching Parks & Recreation. Currently reading Crime and Punishment at a steady pace. I would like to finish A Link to the Past before the end of the month but it will be difficult. Pretty good month overall!
It's Friday, I'm in love (with what I do)!
How far have you guys go procrastination wise? Tells us how clever (or pathetic) you got at it.
At this point, I do everything important on the last day. I just never have the motivation to do it earlier and I keep pushing it back.
Reply only in the negative.
Masterminding how you would take the world. What's your plan?
Food, Energy, Security, Logistics - Takeover at least 2, create monopoly, exert pressure on supply chain, posse as benevolent dictator so narrative always works for your benefit. I think that word is already took over :)
Last day on earth. What would you do?
make coffee, smoke a j, eat ice cream, be w my partner. in rotation
Pay for WinRAR
listen to music and dance
release time machine :)
maths debate
Eat good food, drink wine. Tell my friends how much I love them.