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🧐 Nrmn While everyone celebrates the 1.6B SsE (Seconds since Epoch), I'm waiting for the 2B on 2033-05-18T03:33:20+0000
☕ Tk Master talking about time, I just realized in a recent post that subreply printed "130 ms ago" for a comment. That's so cool, here we "trim" things differently
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🐞 Lucian Marin LinkedIn initially rejected two bug reports from me. The first was fixed. For the second one they just deleted a post I couldn't access when logged in. Now I want to build an alternative. Every account can have a resume, post jobs, share stuff with mentions and private messages.
☕ Tk Master good point!
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☕ Tk Master hi guys, is there a way to change the theme without having to modify my OS options? I have found none in the settings tab... I'm not always on my dark side you know
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Anon T. Hi everybody!! ^_^
☕ Tk Master hi ...uh, spammer? why the amazon link?
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👂 Sly We're starting to see some spam!
☕ Tk Master is there a "report" button to help with that?
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Adsr That is so true! I really hope it stays this way, and it seems that it will as long as this place remains clear of photos, stories, memes and all the clutter other platforms have.
☕ Tk Master ... clear of photos, stories, memes, (...) and ADS! We hate ads! I bet everyone hates ads, even the advertising guy!
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☕ Tk Master Just sharing some quote for the day, have a nice week everyone! "Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune." - Jim Rohn
💻 Kernel I hope this holds true for Europe as well. I dropped out of my masters this week and going to move from EE to more software stuff at work. Let's go self-education!
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🐞 Lucian Marin You can do it from settings menu, .
☕ Tk Master there you have it! thank you Lucian ! it was up there I was looking at the bottom, sorry!
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🐢 Keb why is it so difficult to sign out?
☕ Tk Master I agree, can't really understand why there is no "log out" button. Deleting the cookie works, but sounds like a challenge. And for a regular web visitor no way
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☕ Tk Master I think this is really cool! Way better than Fuckerberg's book! =D
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🐢 Keb how the heck do i sign out?
☕ Tk Master access your browser cookies, there's one called "identity' stored for ""
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