Studying and working in electrical engineering from Netherlands
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Do we really need to work 20+ years to earn the right to call a house 'home'? Isn't there a better way to contribute to society and have a fulfilling life?
In Canada real estate has drained investment capital from other, more productive (in terms of GDP growth) uses of capital. I argue that getting a mortgage and buying a house is a large _consumption_ of capital that doesn't contribute as much as it could to society.
nothing is private here ;)
I see that posts appear in trending when two people reply multiple times to each other. What is the current requirement for a chain of posts to appear in trending? I think that only posts with multiple unique people replying should appear in that section.
Well, a trending discussion between only two people could still be interesting to read. Which in turn could eventually see other people popping up in the thread. Like a discussion seed... Though if you "de-prioritize" those we could still look in the search tab I guess. Or the feed with highly replied posts. Not sure what's the most convinient...
An interesting idea, a thread will need a counter for unique people replying. Trending feed shows the top 15 threads from the last 30 with at least one reply.
I'm looking for a free and open source todo application that works/syncs with both iOS and Windows. Any recommendations?
Not necessarily a "Todo List" but you could make one out of it. Have you heard of Joplin?
Just ate a purple pizza to start off the weekend. What an amazing and surprising world we live in. I should make some purple pancakes sometime soon...
How is a purple pizza possible?
I just tried playing some Pentamino, well that is some next level mindfuck.
What kind of game is Pentmino? A board game? A video game?
Hey how active is this place?
A bit but it will be nice if a lot more people would join or stay active.
Hello world. (Just new on this platform!)