Studying and working in electrical engineering from Netherlands
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Almost completed my sign up for and then accidentally went back one page, deleting all my answers.
I had an account there ! But I lost my SSH key ):
I applied here and at after reading this. Both seem like such cool little corners of the Internet.
Discovered Scarfolk today ( For more information please reread this post.
Lord. That first post about the children spooked me out.
"Writing is like thinking in bullet time." -ohad
Can you explain the meaning of that?
I really enjoy looking at random Subreplier's personal websites. There is no better motivator to improve yourself than looking at what awesome stuff people have built/achieved/learnt.
RIP CloudFlare DNS. This is why we should have a decentralized internet.
It is decentralised. I use a different DNS, no impact at all.
A little pick-me-up if you had a shitty Wednesday, my hamster being cute:
Your hamster is cute. Also, your website is AWESOME! I can't explore all of it right now (tight work schedule) but I'll make sure to get to it after my tasks are done. Super neat
Cute :D
Do we really need to work 20+ years to earn the right to call a house 'home'? Isn't there a better way to contribute to society and have a fulfilling life?
In Canada real estate has drained investment capital from other, more productive (in terms of GDP growth) uses of capital. I argue that getting a mortgage and buying a house is a large _consumption_ of capital that doesn't contribute as much as it could to society.
There are some people who manage to do remote work (like programming or coding) and they travel the world and stay in different places instead. I always thought that was a cool way to live.
Are you saying you can't feel at home in a rented place?
nothing is private here ;)
I see that posts appear in trending when two people reply multiple times to each other. What is the current requirement for a chain of posts to appear in trending? I think that only posts with multiple unique people replying should appear in that section.
Well, a trending discussion between only two people could still be interesting to read. Which in turn could eventually see other people popping up in the thread. Like a discussion seed... Though if you "de-prioritize" those we could still look in the search tab I guess. Or the feed with highly replied posts. Not sure what's the most convinient...
An interesting idea, a thread will need a counter for unique people replying. Trending feed shows the top 15 threads from the last 30 with at least one reply.
I'm looking for a free and open source todo application that works/syncs with both iOS and Windows. Any recommendations?
Not necessarily a "Todo List" but you could make one out of it. Have you heard of Joplin?
Just ate a purple pizza to start off the weekend. What an amazing and surprising world we live in. I should make some purple pancakes sometime soon...
How is a purple pizza possible?
I just tried playing some Pentamino, well that is some next level mindfuck.
What kind of game is Pentmino? A board game? A video game?
Hey how active is this place?
A bit but it will be nice if a lot more people would join or stay active.
Hello world. (Just new on this platform!)