Hi! I'm Niklas, an open-minded and curious computer science student at KIT in Germany.
niklasbuehler.com ~ 23 years old in Germany
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Alone at home and bored? I've written a manual for Donsol, an ASPRDC (analog single player roguelike dungeon crawler, haha) which can be played with only a regular deck of cards (+ pen and paper probably). Check it out here: niklasbuehler.com/...
I didn't know about this game, but it seems simple and fun. I'll look it up!
So today I spent a few hours creating a web app that shows you how basic your taste in music is: niklasbuehler.gith...
Haha that's an awesome idea. Somehow, I'm only listening to the same 10 tracks on Spotify.
I just found out that not only does Google hold the patent on dropout in neural networks, but also on processing images using deep neural networks and Microsoft even holds the patent to train ConvNets on GPUs. What the hell is wrong with the patent office?!
Do they hold "a" patent on those? Is it possible that it's for a very specific use case? Do you have the patent numbers? Would be curious to see.
What's your setup for personal backups? I've just started using restic on an old HDD I found, still looking for a good (cheap) SSD to buy. I think I should use at least two hard drives for backups, maybe even do some fancy RAID... By the way, this post serves as a REMINDER TO DO YOUR BACKUPS!
I realize I don't do much backups! Most of my work or files are in some shape or form on the cloud already. Which is scary now that I think about it.
I have two 2TB harddrives both with 2 partitions. One partition is for various media and the other is a shared software RAID 0 across the two drives.
I use Restic to backup my RaspPi and PCs. I don't trust cloud solutions from GAFAM (i prefer Nextcloud) so i have two external HDD, so far so good...
I'm bad. I have ~10 TB of data to backup just from my desktop...I really need to setup a schedule for backing up certain things.
I use duplicity to keep important things in sync to another drive.
Oh, funny you asked that. One of my backup HDs is failing and I was stupid enough to not have that data in a second backup. I went to a data recovery lab and got an estimate of $400 to recover it. :(
I've used them all: hard drive, raids, NAS, cloud. Pro's and con's. They all kinda suck. My favorite "backup" system so far is still icloud for the iphone. You can literally buy a new phone, log in to your account and it replicates everything over perfectly. I kinda wish PC had something like that...
I keep my important data on my personal NextCloud, which is on a RAID1 (with an SSD cache), and then every week a backup is made using borgbackup, stored on a server at my university, which also has RAID1. The backup is encrypted so I don't worry about other people accessing it.
Nextcloud on a private server in my office
So last night I wondered if all real numbers were computable. Because if that was the case, then every real number could be matched to a turing machine (the one that computes it), which in turn could be matched to a natural number (its Godel numbering). But this would imply A0 = A1, which is a contradiction, because the reals are isomorphic to the powerset of the natural numbers. So there are reals that are uncomputable...
Which are your favorite personal blogs?
Here's a list that I subscribe to via RSS: desmondrivet.com; jlelse.blog; swyx.io; paulgraham.com; gwern.net; slatestarcodex.com
I really like what jjbeshara.com/blog has to say
If you like cs theory (I noticed some mentions of graph theory on your website) I would highly recommend shtetl-optimised(Scott Aaronson), In Theory (Luca Trevisan), 11011110(David Eppstein)...
Branko Milanovic's blog about inequalty. glineq.blogspot.com
I like manuelmoreale.com and patrickrhone.net.