Hi! I'm Niklas, an open-minded and curious computer science student at KIT in Germany.
niklasbuehler.com ~ 22 years old from Germany
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So last night I wondered if all real numbers were computable. Because if that was the case, then every real number could be matched to a turing machine (the one that computes it), which in turn could be matched to a natural number (its Godel numbering). But this would imply A0 = A1, which is a contradiction, because the reals are isomorphic to the powerset of the natural numbers. So there are reals that are uncomputable...
Which are your favorite personal blogs?
Here's a list that I subscribe to via RSS: desmondrivet.com; jlelse.blog; swyx.io; paulgraham.com; gwern.net; slatestarcodex.com
I really like what jjbeshara.com/blog has to say
If you like cs theory (I noticed some mentions of graph theory on your website) I would highly recommend shtetl-optimised(Scott Aaronson), In Theory (Luca Trevisan), 11011110(David Eppstein)...
Branko Milanovic's blog about inequalty. glineq.blogspot.com