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I check in subreply everyday. There is little activity, no? I thought to myself, why I am not contributing? The lack of channels / subs / groups makes it difficult to invest energy. Conversation, like anything, requires direction or moderation to keep focused. Otherwise, we are yelling into the void. That's nice too. sometimes.
Also, you can't reply to yourself on subreply. I suppose it forces you to be thoughtful about your response, but in other ways it's just another limitation to the potential of content.
This website makes me realize that I've been trained to "reward" others for posting online. I feel an uncontrollable urge to "upvote" or "like" comments but quickly realize the button isn't available.
It's an odd feeling, isn't it? Perhaps the real reward stems from participation and free-flowing discussions that are motivated by our interest in the topic and conversations rather than attention-seeking behavior :)
I feel that urge too. There are a lot of posts I'd like here, but what I find off is that I only rarely like or upvote other on other social media. There's a positive energy here that's infectious, I feel.
I think it's a nice missing feature, it forces you to share your opinion instead of lurking and reacting with buttons.
same. I also use the like/upvote button to show I seen your reply/message.
Definitely a feature that it's missing
^ upvoted.
I feel the same, but that limitation actually got me to reply to one of your comments and while typing "I really like your perspective", I noticed I could also throw in my own and a follow-up question as well. So I think I prefer replies over simple binary likes.
Anyone know how the Trending tab is populated?
I think it displays 15 of the last 30 more replied main posts.
What are you doing since COVID hit?
In b4 mods take over and delete random posts