江 Lucian Marin I might buy Quest 4 instead of AVP 2, that's how I see things. A Vision Air might be interesting.
Mr I would love a AVP2 for productivity. If Quest 4 can compete with a UI UX rework I'm all for it, but currently AVP is unmatched.
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Mr Anyone here have a vision pro? What are your thoughts so far ?
江 Lucian Marin I might buy Quest 4 instead of AVP 2, that's how I see things. A Vision Air might be interesting.
Terry Starting a thread so i can keep my account. Feel free to reply below to keep yours :D
Mr are they deleting user names fore inactive accounts? I typically lurk...
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江 Lucian Marin The new iMac uses a 143W power adapter. Apple couldn't reduce M1 power to 100W to charge it using USB-C PD.
Mr it means more powerful computers are coming
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儭 Vdo Is subreply active?
Mr full of lurkers
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Miso What's your favorite text editor?
Mr Sometimes I use atom, I hate it because it's slow to open. Too lazy to change it as I rarely use text editors. Small tweaks are made with native tools as they are fast and effective. (right-click>edit results in TextEdit on MacOS and Notepad on Windows) Documents in full feature software. Software dev in IDE with debugging tools. Vim or nano when I'm on linux as most gui software on linux is god awful.
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Javier my favorite editor[copy paste in your favorite browser url bar] data:text/html, <body contenteditable style="background-color:white;color:black; font: 2rem/1.5 monospace;max-width:60rem color:white ;margin:0 auto;padding:4rem;">
Mr This is very cool. Can JSON be added to something like this?
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Cole Hudson i often either feel im not programming enough, or, not reading enough. have yet to find a middle ground i like
Mr work / life balance is a sham.
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江 Lucian Marin It's possible to have private messages on Subreply. They can be encrypted using the password hash. Changing the password will fail to decrypt old messages.
Mr Why not destruct a message after logout ? Passwords are not control mechanisms. Sometimes you have to change your password for security purposes. An attack on an account could result in the loss of the important information. Better to just delete everything in a clear manner.
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Mr I check in subreply everyday. There is little activity, no? I thought to myself, why I am not contributing? The lack of channels / subs / groups makes it difficult to invest energy. Conversation, like anything, requires direction or moderation to keep focused. Otherwise, we are yelling into the void. That's nice too. sometimes.
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Nrmn It's going to happen. I just registered the remote roast club! Stay tuned.
Mr do we need a ticket? they are all unavailable
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伐 Lesha > Many times apple will replace your computer
Mr > Many times Dell will replace your computer FTFY
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Sly I ssh to the server, open a tmux session with vim and other CLI tools and get coding, the only apps i use on my laptop are the browser and the terminal. As for editing, of all the people i know, most of them do their editing either on a custom built desktop PC or a desktop Mac, and even those who edit on a laptop they all use external monitors and external peripherals, so it's more of a desktop thing than a laptop, but yeah, why not. btw, i'm out, can't stand the char limit.
Mr Yeah you're basically not the target market for an M1 mac
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Sly A long lasting battery is doable with any modern ARM chip, with the advancement made in the recent years, batteries and CPU's are becoming more efficient, apple is ahead but others will follow, ARM is the future for small devices. Can i ask you why you want it faster? I mean, the best way to solve such an issue right now is to have a server somewhere (or build one) and delegate all power hungry stuff to it and worry less about having a faster laptop and a lasting battery!
Mr A lot of processing today is handled locally, what server based applications you are using everyday? These are consumer & prosumer devices - think offloading 100GB+ of video data and editing on the go being one of the more "intense" activities. "A long lasting battery is doable with any modern ARM chip" - except macOS is the only "full feature" OS available on an ARM chip so until someone else steps up to the plate, we have CPU packaged ram.
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Sly Software doesn't have the same constraints as hardware, putting them into the same box is a big stretch, software was made to remove hardware constraints in the first place, all software is modular, either in its architecture (the OS, the Web...) or in it's composition (OOP and FP paradigms). As for hardware, whether it is a preference or not, we shouldn't sacrifice the right to repair for 2x times the speed, it is a bad compromise, welled gardens are hard to escape from.
Mr Right to repair is a different conversation IMO. All I said was I don't mind having the ram, gpu, and cpu in a single chip. If we had it your way, every computer would be the side of an ITX desktop because every chip would be on a separate PCB. I'm happy to have those computers available too - but when it comes to my laptop, I want it fast, lightweight, and long lasting. Find me a i7 windows PC with 20hr battery life and all ears.
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Sly Being modular actually takes the complexity away and puts it into different small parts, which makes it easy to understand, fix and develop, the idea that something modular is more expensive isn't true at all, PCs are way modular than macs for the third of the price, heat isn't really an issue either, you can cool down each part individually and have an overall better air flow. Also, being upgradable and repairable is much more better for the environment.
Mr No software / hardware developer will agree with your points. If you don't care about the size of your device, are willing to utilize slow changing standards, and want to pick-and-choose parts - modular is good for you. But if you want a tightly coupled, focused product, modular is not going to fit the bill. It will be larger, there is waste in the manufacturing of boards that plug into other boards, and the heat can't be carefully managed for every different modular part.
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