🥝 Mr There are about 5,000 parts in a computer that you can't replace when they go bad without soldering / reworking. Many times apple will replace your computer for free even when it's out of warranty as long as you didn't damage it. Replaceable ram is mostly about upgrading, but apple computers just aren't upgradable anymore. It's a different approach, they want faster ram and thinner devices (and I do too). I have to swap the entire machine to upgrade - I'm cool with it.
🖥️ Lesha > Many times apple will replace your computer
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🧐 Nrmn I'm honestly not sure there are any except using a cross-compiled language. Almost everything is nowadays compiling to WASM. But there are other languages that compile directly to Javascript as well. For example dart.dev
🖥️ Lesha And, it you're going to target wasm, you'll likely use either C or Rust and at that point you don't really need wasm for server side.
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🥝 Mr I really can't think of the last time that I upgraded ram in a computer that didn't involve upgrading the mobo or replacing the entire thing. If the M1 leads to better performance/watt i'm all for it. Apple is positioned to do everything that no other company could do because of "compatibility".
🖥️ Lesha That's not just about upgrading, you can't replace it either if it goes bad. I know that in Linux you can mark some of its parts as *bad* so that kernel won't use them, I don't know if that's possible with MacOS.
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🔻 Trinity gif or jif?
📉 Bill What laptop does everyone use?
🖥️ Lesha I'm using work-issued MBP. Touchpad and display are great, but I don't think I'd buy it with my own money.
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