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🔻 Trinity Hey is there a way to delete my account? Sorry to go but I'm significantly paring down my digital footprint.
🏒 Lucian Marin First self-haircut went terrible bad.
🔻 Trinity they get better! you have to start somewhere. can always lop it all off and go for the mr clean look
😝 Tom I have a new idea for a website to build. That brings the total to three websites I want to build. I need to finish some projects around the house first so I can mentally-focus on those website projects.
🔻 Trinity My method of web design: only make projects I know I can complete, work on one project at a time, and complete them. See tedk.net for example
👨‍💻🎧 Matthieu V. maybe you could have a look to KISS Launcher on F-Droid f-droid.org/packag...
🔻 Trinity I use this on less capable devices and it works great.
🏒 Lucian Marin I want to add social links to profiles. What other social networks do you use?
🔻 Trinity far too many. i plan to delete a lot of the accounts on more mainstream services (imageboards and textboards are okay nearly always but the bigger the sites get the worse they are to use). maybe have a custom field system or something? it would be really cool to be able to have a list of maybe 10 services and be able to click on the service name to find others on subreply who also use it, though when people use different names for the same service that could get weird
🌲 Tho it used to be based on debian unstable. what's wrong with that statement?
🔻 Trinity ubuntu's a very and possibly the most popular linux distro (maybe mint is right now?). pretty sure it's still based on sid yeah. the statement is funny because it's implying most linux users haven't heard of this "obscure" ubuntu distro.
James Kirk Hello fellow Doors fan :p
🔻 Trinity Just copied MySpace Tom's profile. No clue who the Doors are but I'll check them out today.
😝 Tom Lol, a MySpace clone: SpaceHey.com
🌲 Tho C++ is safer, more useful, has infinitely more jobs, more pleasant to use...
🔻 Trinity Yes, but that would require me to use C++.
🔻 Trinity Gimme my light theme back!! // Update: I have my light theme back. // Update: Gimme my light theme back!!! // Update: I have my light theme back. Maybe some settings on my end are screwy.
🏒 Lucian Marin Everything Microsoft touches turns to dust. Nokia, Minecraft, Skype, Yammer, LinkedIn, GitHub and list will go on.
🧉 Martin Finally updated my /now page. Anyone else have one? If so, share! :) martinrue.com/now
🧐 Nrmn "Write code as if the one who takes over is a psychopath who knows your address."
🔻 Trinity First programming teacher I ever had gave me that advice, except instead of psychopath it was an axe murderer. I remember it often but rarely follow it (writing cleverly obtuse code is fun)!
🧐 Nrmn How about using minds.com instead?
🔻 Trinity I have an old account on there and I never saw it really active. Another good "alternative" social site (but centralized and proprietary) is Okuna, it's in a private beta right now but it's nice and glossy like Facebook without the user predation+deception. Sort of like Reddit but without the near-psychotic userbase.
Mhmm you can use libcurl to downoad the file in c and use libxml2 to parse it?
⌨️ Joseph Learning C sounds fun, what prompted you to learn the language?
🔻 Trinity I use Linux and UNIX-based systems for pretty much everything, and I love programming in Python, so I figured I may as well learn how it all works so I can better fix issues I find.
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