The future: Massive Concentrated Solar Power, high delta_k molten salt storage/transport and Brain Computer Interfaces
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devs complaining about loosing features in browsers they cant be bother to leave compiled in for themselves... must keep making them aware in most obnoxious ways... lol
Mining CUSIPs from 1994 to 2020, thats my weekend lol
anyone here actually use any nginx 3rd party libs to dynamically change upstream directives while avoiding restarts/reloads?
indonesian gov blocking angel list... like they never heard of fucking /etc/hosts file lol
`curl '' -D header.txt > /dev/null ` 200 OK... lol
`curl '' -D header.txt > /dev/null` 404 Not found...
The MMT Zombie eCONomy: " to these insolvent companies have been continually rolled over and increased. The consequence is that new businesses have been starved of bank credit, because bank credit in the member nation's banks is increasingly tied up supporting businesses that should have gone to the wall long ago..."
One day after the CSP in euro webinar with a EU expert saying there hasnt been been a big issue from "corona crisis", SolarReserve backed by Bank Santander (spain) files for bankruptcy in the US lol to be fair, they've been shut down since mid 2019 because bad design for hot storage tank... hopefully everyone else learns from their mistakes
ground state of people adopting ideas is gte to (< diverse set of people | diverse set of voices and ideas | diverse set of people >) / (<diverse set of people | diverse set of people>)
A system so fragile, that relies on a few talking heads ability to regurgitate "trusted" messaging most others are expected to base important decisions off of, may not be worth it...
is there a boto3 like python lib for backblaze b2 with something similar/same to s3 function calls?
imagine an software defined user moderation framework that optimized to make as many people feel uncomfortable as possible while making them laugh
diverse set of people != diverse set of voices and ideas, true or false?
We see diverse ideas from the same people on different threads.
Can be both I guess, depending on the subject. On your education or as a consequence of your life experiences. On the cultural state of a given society, etc. Plenty of factors... Mostly true w/ mass brainwashing. And if you replace the left part by 'free thinking set of people', does it then become strictly an equivalence? :)
I would replace that "!=" by "not necessarily". The contrapositive is also "not necessarily".
the fact that they weren't very forth coming over the specs of the hardware, even at a high level, makes me think they are just another piece of shit neural hardware with 1 or two sensors lol
funny that nextmindlab wants to sell neural hardware but thinks people that are interested to buy it wont be in interested in the raw data, only they can leverage brain enabled interaction with the raw data lol
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