Husband. Technophile. ~ 27 years old in United States
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Haven't been floating around here lately. Still have my job thankfully :) Also ended up splurging a little bit and buying myself a new phone. Ended up getting an iPhone SE 2020. Super nice so far. Very snappy.
Welcome back! I still have my 1st gen iPhone SE which I hope to keep at least for another year. After that, the 2020 iPhone SE might be my next phone as well
Good to hear that you still have your job!
My company started cutting folks yesterday due to lack of funds. COVID is hitting us pretty hard. (My company writes software for hotels.)
I'm sorry to hear that. I hope things work out for you and your colleagues :\
I'm sorry to hear :-( So many people are being affected. Scary
Oh no! So sorry to hear this.
I make software for hotels too! A PMS actually.
Getting back into Age of Empires 2 here lately. Crazy how well this game held up over the years. I think it has a growing playerbase right now? Not sure.
One thing I found frustrating with AOE2 was managing the civilization as it got bigger. I'd be trying to manage resources or big armies while little forces kept raiding me. Is there an "archon" mode where multiple control the same civ?
50+ minute standups to really juice up your work day. Ugh.
Anyone else here have the displeasure of working with Xamarin Forms for work? Probably the most dreadful framework I have dealt with so far in my short career.
I am not looking forward to working back in the office here soon. Working remote has been lovely.
Thanks for the replies guys. I ended up going with Innoreader for now.
Any good recommendations for an RSS reader? I'm trying to curb my mindless scrolling of things like Reddit and HN. I'm on iOS for mobile if that matters.
I am also on iOS and use Feedly for RSS.
I use Inoreader.
There was some traffic coming from last week. I built Artificial Feed to replace my feed reader.
Recommend NewsBlur. Open Source software, run as a service. Been around for probably 10 years?
I use Slack for a RSS reader. You can have a try.
Check out been a game changer to get all the content I'm interested in packaged up and sent in a nice tidy email to me
RSS FeedBro extension for Chrome. It comes with rss feed search feature.
Mine's a part of my nextcloud server :D
I'm using at the moment and liking it.
I enjoy inoreader
If you know Python, DIY. Spent a week making a YouTube browser using YouTube's RSS feed function and it was intensely rewarding. Used this library: Even for a kinda novice Python coder like me (I don't do OOPs) it wasn't too hard to figure out.
Never really found the use for RSS... just came to plug for anyone in the programming world.
Yeah, trying to solve this exact problem with We are releasing an iOS app later this year.
I miss Fever. Technically it'll still run, but you'll have to set up a pre-7.0 PHP server and then deal with getting Shaun Inman to switch your domain over. And he's a pain in the ass to deal with.
Also forever starting new habits and never sticking with them.
Forever starting new projects and never finishing the old ones.
Me too. It's slowed a bit, with kids, but the pattern's the same. Trying to decide whether this is really such a bad thing.
If any other vimmers are interested in emacs, there is this cool project called Doom emacs that is making the switch much easier for me.
vimmers aren't interested in emacs.
This looks really cool; thanks for the link!
Good morning :) starting the day off with some reading.
Sounds like Halo 3 is out for PC now.
My xbox one, PS4 pro and Nintendo Switch are all dusty now...
What operating systems are people using here? I have to use Windows 10 at work, but at home I've been rocking Fedora.
I'm on Win 10, after many years (15+) on Fedora and other *nix OSes. I tried Win 10 for nostalgia (my early teens on Windows) and forgot to uninstall. To be honest, 99% of everything is a browser now... so makes little difference for me!
I am using Manjaro on my home desktop, Ubuntu 18.04 on my work desktop (which I haven't seen in a while) and elementaryOS on my laptop (which is 11 years old and rarely ever used). I also have Windows 10 as a dual boot option on my home machine for Lightroom+Photoshop and gaming. I was on Windows 7 as my main OS until about half a year ago and I am very happy about the switch to Linux.
Arch Linux at home and MacOS at work. To be honest, I have never been able to be productive on Windows.
Manjaro Linux, using it for 5 years now. Love the stability
debian 10.4 because it's linux but very simple. i grew up on 98se and xp but i think win10 soured NT for me. i used 7 for a while earlier this year for a couple programs but now i'm on debian for good because windows is terribly unproductive for my uses - no good terminal (powershell sux), necessary guis, etc.
Arch Linux at home, Manjaro at work. I'm blessed.
Pop OS and OSX
btw I use arch
Elementary OS, with i3wm.
Archlinux, Manjaro, ArchlinuxARM
OSX & Manjaro.
Ubuntu! 20.04 here because I prefer LTS as it lets me upgrade less often. One thing I did when I upgraded from 18.04 was a full wipe and reinstall, then scripted the installation of everything, so now I have a bash script that can take a fresh debian install and make it feel like home. Including SDKs, Wallpaper, Apache etc
macOS & Win10
I use arch btw
arch linux ^_^
Win 10 + WSL2 w/ Ubuntu works nicely
I used to use MacOS at work, but now that I'm stuck at home I've been enjoying my Win10 alienware A LOT
Linux user since 2002. Yay, Linux!
after staying win 7 for years and years i just switched to 10
Linux at work because of its file system, Win10 at home for entertainment purposes and UI efficientcy.
DnD with the fam :)
Are there any plans on open sourcing subreply?
I'd also be interested in checking out how it's running. It looks like the only JS is at (link out of memory so I'll revise if incorrect)