Programmer and student. ~ 21 years old in United States
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I need a place to put down my thoughts. I am currently keeping track of a calendar, todo app, and a trello all at the same time.
How is everyone's day?
corporate app I made in 5 days is now functional; I'm gonna to make another one and start selling it
subreply does not have a clear focus. Unlike a subreddit where people are seeking a specific type of content. rn it just feels like one big chat room with little common topics. IDK if that is a good or bad thing.
Perhaps with time, and maybe more users, people can start to organize into sub-networks with shared interests, by followers or hashtags.
Perhaps hashtags could serve as a function for topic based thread organization.
Does it need a clear focus? If, like you say, there are subreddits for everything you need, maybe it works to have subreply as a group chat, exposing us to things we might not normally talk about? :)
It's more of a twitter replacement than reddit. We're just using it as reddit through trending and search because it's really small. If it ever blows up then your feed is where you're going to spend your time.
I like that you can start a conversation about anything, and it doesn't depend on finding an article on that topic first.
As long as we can stamp out right wing / racist / white opinions entirely, then I think this platform could be a contender... otherwise it will be relegated to the dustbin as with any other sad whiteboi nationalism project
If you are looking for a new reddit replacement checkout Federated reddit is the future.
I think this format organized around subtopics Could be really popular
How did u find out about subreply?
why can't I @ myself lol
You can't, I also don't know why.
Floyd's cycle algorithm from leetcode linked list cycle problem
there's a joma tech video about this ->
I have yet to see any use of
wtf theres hashtags
there's hashtags
What if I did ##
They don't seem to work that well. For example, 's matches everything with a 't', 'i', 'l' sequence in it.
What music are u currently listening to?
Boards of Canada - Everything You Do Is A Balloon
Sylva - Benoit pioulard, Morbid Stuff - Pup, honeymoon - beach bunny, on the tender spot of every calloused moment - Ambrose Akinmisure.
Scorpions - Wind of Change
The sound of silence. Literally.
One Piece's OST
akisai - colors and Khruangbin - The Universe Smiles Upon You are my jams rn
Fruit Bats - The Bottom of It
Na Zare (Soviet era synthpop) -
purity ring, flor, the japanese house - basically all from following spotify recommendations down a rabbit hole
I'm listening to Carbon Based Lifeforms