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😢🎲 Pipas_ Any chance of creating a subreply account where you post website change patchnotes and announcements?
😢🎲 Pipas_ Everything on trending is from 1 or 2 days ago, can we get a better discovery page that is not search but it's more up to date than the Trending tab?
Xy that's because there's just not much volume on the site yet. if you check the 'search' page, it shows you all posts made. currently, the most recent 15 posts to this site were made in the past 12 hours.
🎣 Fish thats all the site there is. Post more if you want more. Its simple here. I see no need for more
😢🎲 Pipas_ your website links to a G+ account that doesn't exist since the service itself doesn't exist. Just a heads up!
😢🎲 Pipas_ Do you think new websites like this are ever going to break people's reliance on the big players like FB/Twitter or are they always destined for smaller and niche communities?
πŸ€”βœοΈ David Unless the public becomes interested in text-based content again, I don't believe that communities like this will ever become hugely popular. One could hope that it would be popular among the people that DO like text-only discussions and long-form, though.
🎯 Gallium Oxide You cannot defeat the big players' entrenched network effects by taking them head-on. Instagram and TikTok didn't set out to copy FB; they targeted a particular demographic that was looking to post and share a particular kind of content. Subreply has to find its own product-market fit first, then gradually evolve the product to obtain more and more users while keeping the existing users happy.
🀬 Foobar The internet has changed in the past decade or two in that the traffic generated has consolidated to just a few sites. I hope small sites like this becomes more popular.
πŸ™πŸ¦‘ Danny I guess these art of community can only be a niche. The Most people don't want to read, ist's easier to watch videos or look at pictures.
πŸ“ Harry Bo I think we'll wait to the new killer feature which will replace the actual networks. If it's simple, trendy and people say "wow !" a lot of them will adopt the concept. This was the case of the iphone, FB and Twitter
😏😎 Yt L. I'd bet on "smaller than Facebook" but that doesn't have to be a bad thing. Small communities can be nicer, plus, every small community taking away from the big names is a tiny blow against them. They may never be killed and replaced by any one competitor, but pulled down and devoured by a horde.
🌊 Zero Two A very niche community
πŸŒšπŸ’ Nlggers I think it is unlikely the major players will be dislodged from their existing position of market dominance. One example I like to reference is the breakup of the AT&T Bell Telephone monopoly. Many of the companies that emerged from the breakup have since moved to acquire one another and the overall structure of the prior business has begun to reemerge. gallery.burrowowl....
πŸš«πŸ’£ Zero Bomb Maybe these small cannabis startups will break people's reliance on the big players of alcohol and tobacco companies. What is more likely is that the big players will copy or outright take over any successful companies in the space. Text only is in the same boat, but probably even easier for big tech companies to copy than cannabis.