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if you're looking for a new touring bike, bikesdirect.com/pr... are pretty solid for the price. i would replace the saddle and pedals, but their prices for a new bike are very good. camping equipment can be quite expensive, but fortunately once you're out on the road, you're really only paying for food and some camping sites here and there.
Thanks for recommendation. I'll bookmark it. It's going to have to be a next year thing. Currently saving money for skis and a ski pass. I just moved to Utah
Have you ordered off bikesdirect? I've been really close to in wanting to replace my bike but haven't yet.
has anyone else felt that livestreaming / long form podcasts could be one potential solution for fake news? many companies will do r&d to make things more difficult to copy. the length of a livestream or long form podcast adds that level of complexity.
Follow up question: is fake news as much of a problem as people seem to think?