🎲 Jamie Perhaps we could tag . Thought I saw a moderator account the other day but can't find it now
đŸŽŖ Fish i thought they were just a joke
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đŸ˜ļ Pipas_ you can at least bump the newer posts so they get more traction
đŸŽŖ Fish not forcing any replies just checking out what im interested in. Mainly asking recommendations for small side projects. If you gott force it theres no point
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Burensasub You bring up a good point: does a social network like Subreply necessarily want growth? We have seen what unchecked growth has done to Facebook and Twitter...
đŸŽŖ Fish a little growth can go a long way. Additionally stagnation can destroy any community. Balance blah blah blah. This place will be alright
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🔚 Bort Simpson nice spam you fucking retard
đŸŽŖ Fish perfect reply to this honestly, are we able to report shit?
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That Man Couldn't agree more on this. Not having to scroll endlessly like other counterparts and a chaos-free environment (not sure if that's going to be the case with influx of users in the future) is what brings me back to this site.
đŸŽŖ Fish i noticed a lot of people mention "the future" of this site. I see this more as being a beta tester for something that may never have "a future" like many expect so many social medias. I think its pretty enjoying already. Although more people can sometimes be nice i suppose
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đŸ˜ļ Pipas_ Everything on trending is from 1 or 2 days ago, can we get a better discovery page that is not search but it's more up to date than the Trending tab?
đŸŽŖ Fish thats all the site there is. Post more if you want more. Its simple here. I see no need for more
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Ganesh Khade I too, have been there.
đŸŽŖ Fish being realistic sometimes helps focus completion
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🐮 Slater How many unfinished projects do you have in your projects folder?
đŸŽŖ Fish after a while i just start moving them from my project folder to an other folder to hide my shame
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Zeratul There is no passion here
đŸŽŖ Fish its a calm and less checked atmosphere. Theres no need to be here snd thats why its enjoyable for some. Great build for a small community that reminds me of my forum days
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🧉 Martin Language learning is such a rewarding experience, especially once you reach the stage of being able to freely think and communicate with people in the language. Interestingly, the version of you in another language can deviate a little from the other version(s), providing an opportunity to be a second person (to some degree). As Charlemagne said: "To have a second language is to possess a second soul".
đŸŽŖ Fish I hit 112 days of my duolingo streak yesterday. Also found mango for free with a library card. Definitely recommend even using a silly all once in a while. My spanish knowledge is the highest its ever been in my life right now
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David Timmins I've got a box with Manjaro and another with OpenSUSE. I tend to run other misc things in virtual machines. I have a couple genuine Macs also. I've done the Hackintosh thing multiple times, but I'm not a fan.
đŸŽŖ Fish heard of people doing the hackintosh stuff in highschool. Never cared for macs when I was young and I still prefer the windows look so far. Virtual boxes seem interesting to use tho
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🕹ī¸ Louise I get most of it. But I got lost at Copper Heart. I don't follow. what do you mean?
đŸŽŖ Fish copper heart is a fictional story podcast set in america during a global nuclear holocaust. Referenced it in terms of like thats how were probably gonna end up. Like a metro 2033 style end of the world. I just expect the worst. Oh and cooper heart has underground bases of a mixed population of military and civilian. So Im just bouncing ideas based off these videogames/podcasts
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Dan Heath macOS. Simply put it does what I need it to. I've played with various Linux distros before but don't have a pragmatic justification for it. If ever there's a specific Linux use case I just use a VM.
đŸŽŖ Fish makes sense. I usually always understand why people enjoy the simplicity of macos. It works
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đŸ”ģ Trinity If you're new to Linux I suggest starting on Mint (more user friendly for beginners) with a hefty /home partition and modest root partition (/home is where you put your files, the root partition will never get larger than 32GB unless you're doing something wild). That way when you switch to Debian you can keep your /home and almost nothing will change there.
đŸŽŖ Fish Definitely new to it and honestly I dont need anything crazy anyway. My web use is simple enough but looking to learn some things. Mint looks good ill add that to my list to try
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đŸĒ Danilo What do you mean? Running linux programs on the laptop or running an OS other than chrome OS?
đŸŽŖ Fish running an os other than chrome os
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đŸ”ģ Trinity I just like Debian, it's simple and stable. I would highly encourage anyone who doesn't have Windows-specific applications to just switch to Linux, Ubuntu is user-friendly and not terrible.
đŸŽŖ Fish Ive been slowly replacing everything I use tech wise. Trying to get away from the grasps of google and other bullshit. I have seen some talk of debian so Ill try that one out next as well. Thanks!
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