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What different OS are people running? Always been intrigued by Linux as a forever windows user and im finally trying some out. Ive seen Tails, and Puppy Linux so far. Any recommendations?
I just like Debian, it's simple and stable. I would highly encourage anyone who doesn't have Windows-specific applications to just switch to Linux, Ubuntu is user-friendly and not terrible.
I've got a box with Manjaro and another with OpenSUSE. I tend to run other misc things in virtual machines. I have a couple genuine Macs also. I've done the Hackintosh thing multiple times, but I'm not a fan.
macOS. Simply put it does what I need it to. I've played with various Linux distros before but don't have a pragmatic justification for it. If ever there's a specific Linux use case I just use a VM.
How about Elementary OS? I love it. It's light and fast.
I have a dual boot setup running Windows 10 and Manjaro KDE. Windows is much stable but Manjaro wins hands down for most of my dev work.
Fedora Linux
macOS. I could handle Linux, but I couldn't handle not having my mobile devices in the same ecosystem as my desktop.
If you're down that avenue, check here: . Plenty of interesting distros out there.
Manjaro, Archlinux. And Mac, but like Windows, i hate bloatwares (Facetime, Itunes, ...). If you want a Linux distro for beginners, Linux Mint is perfect (better than Ubuntu). It's Debian's like, a good distro
FreeBSD and Gentoo, though Fedora is probably the most polished Linux distro.
Gentoo and LFS are what I'm using. But for someone new, I'd recommend Linux Mint. It's simple and easy, but also doesn't get in the way of advanced usage.
has anyone converted a chromebook to linux? trying to fuck around with mine as a side project and wondering if anyone has experience or suggestions
What model?
What do you mean? Running linux programs on the laptop or running an OS other than chrome OS?
The first thing you need to do for any chrome book is flip the hardware switch. Google your model and you will see the guide for it. Then it is pretty straightforward. Good luck!
what are things like having a vpn that all internet users should have more often?
Using the Tor Browser for browsing the internet. Really, VPNs are only preferable for avoiding geo-restrictions and streaming; tracking companies use far more advanced techniques than simply checking one's IP address.
what gets you out of bed?
what makes you feel alive?
Talking to people.
Death Metal
Getting out in to nature. I don't camp or anything but a good bush walk or spending some time at the beach gets me happy and energised.
Exercising, or just a walk.
finishing something i am proud of
Pooping aggressively
being in the ocean
Overcoming hard to beat situations. Also certain smells.
Camping far away from phone signal.
making something that I find beautiful
Making or consuming something new! So, novelty, I guess?
A big, bellowing fart.
Being in the ice playing hockey
great sex
Music, and overcoming difficulties
1) camping somewhere far away from civilization 2) reading an engrossing book 3) working on something really intensely