human being. I can prove it. I have a human passport. ~ 38 years old
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How's everyone doing? I recently read something along these lines "2020, we are utterly fucked". Gotta be honest, i have never laughed soo much.
is anyone here into board games? I'm looking for a board game that emulates (or close to) economy. any suggestions?
Are there any lucid dreamers here? I have some questions.
What's up?
I hadn't had one in a while and then had one about a month ago.. I think it had to do with my dog whining at the door causing me to not fully go.. Was interesting tho. Knew I was in a dream, got up from bed.. house was differently laid out.. I tried to break stuff by looking in the mirror which showed me a different room instead of a reflection. I actually reset to the begging a few times (in my bed) and got up.. Not sure if it was really fun or not but interesting at least.
Time for the craziest, out of this world experience you have had and have no explanation yet. Share!
Does being born count?
I near die under a falling tree. The crazy part is not the tree falling. The crazy part is what it took for me to stand in the so-called spot marked with the X, like a roadrunner skit.
i checked the list of people here and i stumbled upon you profile 'cuz i'm going to amsterdam. I noticed your website. It reminds me of my days with a C64. Great website, gratz!
Thank you very much! I had a peek at your personal website and really like the minimalistic style. The 'buy me a book' idea is very good, I might steal that actually. Added you to my linklog :)
This may start a sad thread but i'm really curious about your answer dudes and dudettes and everyone in between and outside: if WWIII take place, do you think we will make it as a civilization?
very unlikely! :-/
id expect totalitarian after totalitarian. Maybe some sort of all military population? Maybe something like Copper Heart
We've gone beyond territorial warfare I feel so the idea of one army marching upon another land seems unrealistic at least among MEDCs because power isn't tied to landmass quite as it was in the past. Other countries can now be controlled through other means - digital warfare, espionage, media, electioneering. That doesn't damage population in the same way as traditional warfare but it does lead to societal erosion which will have effects in other ways.
Humans tend to find ways to survive, but that doesn't mean it would be pretty.
According to Star Trek, WWIII is pretty horrific, but things get a lot better after that... memory-alpha.fando...
Absolutely yes.
We would make it, but there would be big changes (geo-politically, economically, socially), for better or for worse
So... WTF are we doing here? I don't mean in the context of Subreply but rather here in this universe, this planet, this reality, this layer of stuff... I dunno about you guys but i think DNA got it right: the creation of the universe was a very, very bad move.
Matter can be transformed into energy. We're lucky being here in a stable phase of the universe.
this reminds me of my days at MUD games... anyone?
now that you mention it, yeah... feels very close to the shell prompt aesthetic. I was a regular on ArmageddonMUD for a long time throughout the 90s, though I loved exploring Duris and other "fully non-stock" worlds as well...