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đŸŽŖ Fish has anyone converted a chromebook to linux? trying to fuck around with mine as a side project and wondering if anyone has experience or suggestions
😍 Pat The first thing you need to do for any chrome book is flip the hardware switch. Google your model and you will see the guide for it. Then it is pretty straightforward. Good luck!
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🕹ī¸ Louise This may start a sad thread but i'm really curious about your answer dudes and dudettes and everyone in between and outside: if WWIII take place, do you think we will make it as a civilization?
😍 Pat Absolutely yes.
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đŸ’ģ Kernel I would if I could. My PC has a green camp GPU though, making the experience not so stable and not so enjoyable.
😍 Pat If you don't play games or do cuda stuff amd is pretty much just as good. Vote with your wallet!
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đŸŽŖ Fish What different OS are people running? Always been intrigued by Linux as a forever windows user and im finally trying some out. Ive seen Tails, and Puppy Linux so far. Any recommendations?
😍 Pat Fedora Linux
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Craig Bot Is everyone here a computer programmer?
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