Craig Bot Knew it
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Craig Bot Is everyone here a computer programmer?
Juliette iOS tweak developer
🧔 Justin I am, but I went to school for chemical engineering.
👉 LÊo I'm a graduate student. I do embedded dev and lots of MATLAB (not a fan) but I wouldn't say programming is my main attribution. In fact, I probably wouldn't enjoy programming full time: it's the other stuff that keeps me sane!
Jayden Nope, I'm an ex-software sales person learning computer programming. Entirely different!
🌚 Cosmo Everyone everywhere is a computer programmer; they just don't know it yet.
đŸ”ģ Trinity As a hobby, maybe someday as a job...
Dan Heath Sales Engineer - IT networks, security, IoT
🗨ī¸ Fui I teach. Though I also double that with a secret identify as occasional proofreader.
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