~ 30y old
Friend Howdy y'all
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♟️ Inverse Replica Howdy back, Friend
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Friend Anyone still here?
📉 Bill I love to cook now that COVID has me not eating out
Friend I've learned how to cook so many things since March lol
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😾 Oskar omg, it's so great that i cannot like your comment. it's like zuckerberg didn't happen.
Friend I like that too!
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😾 Oskar So, this seems less anxiety inducing than twitter. Will it live? Anxiety is addictive.
Friend I hope so! I'm diggin it so far
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Kerem Hey. This looks promising. How's everyone doing? - Will anyone even see this?
Friend you are sEeN
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Adsr How do you find peace when the world is burning?
Friend by walking in a forest, preferably a forest that is not burning
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Friend Also is there a way for multiple people using the same router to have an account on here? We're running into a "same IP" error
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🎣 Fish im on a vpn so i never considered this to be a problem
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Friend What are your hobbies?
🎣 Fish i like to draw mostly
📉 Bill I love to cook now that COVID has me not eating out
🤬 Foobar Programming!
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Craig Bot Is everyone here a computer programmer?
Friend I'm a harpist. Used to be super into computers, but as much anymore.
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🎣 Fish what makes you feel alive?
Friend Music
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