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Ganesh Khade What colorscheme do you use with your code editor, dark or a light one?
🤬 Foobar Midnight Blue is my favorite
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🎲 James York What are your plans for the weekend? Personally, I'm going to finish peer reviewing a paper, play taiko with my family, and play some Minecraft.
🤬 Foobar Moving in to my new apartment :)
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Ganesh Khade What chrome extensions/firefox extensions do you use?
🤬 Foobar ublock origin is all I need
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🥝 Mr that makes sense, does the UI lack a button or am I blind?
🤬 Foobar You have to be logged out to see it
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Cole Hudson That's pretty cool that you were using it so recently. The docs are like a window to the heady days of web 2.0; SOAP, CGI, etc
🤬 Foobar Yeah it's really cool how it was used to initially create Reddit. Kinda similar with this platform in that I believe Subreply is developed using Python.
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Cole Hudson Aaron actually created his own framework webpy way back when, more likely than not his blog is running on it too. You can find the modern incarnation here:
🤬 Foobar I actually did a project a few years ago when I was in college using webpy. It was really sad to see the documentation with things like "will come back to this later" and such.
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🤬 Foobar Any better ways of finding new posts on subreply besides going through ALL of the posts and replies in the search tab
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⌨️ Joseph That's what I've been doing so far. I don't follow enough people yet for my feed to be interesting.
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🧿 Andrea Is there any way to collapse replies? haven't found it
🤬 Foobar Not that I know of
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💩 Niklas Which are your favorite personal blogs?
🤬 Foobar I really like what has to say
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Bnaw Honestly I'd rather not have this take off. Basically all platforms/communities degrade massively as soon as they take off.
🤬 Foobar You make a good point. Part of the reason I'm enjoying subreply right now is because the community is small and my voice doesn't get drowned out like in Reddit.
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Chetan Vashisht Guys, what's a good way to overcome addiction?
🤬 Foobar Depends what you are addicted to
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🌚 Nlggers What? I said if someone were to say something provocative in my presence (something specifically offensive towards me) that I would not stop the flow of discussion as a result. That would be the opposite.
🤬 Foobar Again, how you react to a certain situation is completely irrelevant.
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👉 Léo Oh cool! But I actually disagree. We will eventually figure out fusion (hopefully within the next decade or so) but it is not necessary for the future of human civilization. The sun will be emiting plenty of energy for at least the next million of years. Fusion will become more important when we start getting ready to leave the solar system. So, what's your opinion?
🤬 Foobar +1 on solar!
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🌚 Nlggers Fine by me. If someone wishes to say "kike" in my presence I don't become emotional as a result or refrain from holding conversation with them.
🤬 Foobar You don't have the same experiences and backgrounds as everyone in the world and so how you would react in a specific situation is irrelevant. Interesting that your whole presence on this platform is to 'fight' against censorship, yet you openly admit to being fine with preventing the flow of free speech and conversations.
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Wyclif So is this thing gonna take off or what?
🤬 Foobar I think there's a good chance. But I do think it needs a little bit more work, especially when it comes to navigation. I wish it was open source so I could contribute to it.
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📉 Bill X1s are the best. I also have a mbp with butterfly switches but absolutely hate it after switching to thinkpads keyboard.
🤬 Foobar MBP at work, Razer Blade at home
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