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Chetan Vashisht How has corona changed your life?
Nick It's made me reevaluate how strongly I desire social interaction. I live alone and have had minimal interaction for months and it's taken quite an unanticipated toll on my mental health. I'm also put face-to-face with the value in the work I do, finding it very hard to find the motivation to do something which, in the grand scheme of things, I don't really care about.
🕴️🕺 Matthew Townsend I don't know how much it has. All the concerts and festivals we wanted to go to got cancelled, but we just had a baby so we weren't going to any of them anyway. Now we don't need an excuse to work from home, and haven't needed to find anyone to take care of the kid during the day.
Chetan Vashisht If your mac's internet stops working when you connect an external monitor, you can fix it by surrounding the connector with aluminium foil
Chetan Vashisht Five out Five people agree that Russian Roulette is safe.
🗨🐒 Fui lol! Five agreed, one has not yet responded.
Chetan Vashisht Why did the Chicken die? To get to the other side.
Chetan Vashisht The bartender says, we don't serve time travellers here. The time traveller walks into the bar.
Miso Haha you should definitely tell that to midnight.pub's bartender ;)
Chetan Vashisht Looking for examples of Circular logic
😃💬 Javier "What are you doing there?" "I am drinking" "Why are you drinking?" "So I may forget" "Forget What?" "That I am ashamed" "Ashamed of what?" "Ashamed of drinking" archive.org/detail...
Chetan Vashisht Dating tips please! Really struggling here :p
😏😎 Yt L. What are you struggling with? I'll try to lend you my expertise as a dating master! ;)
Chetan Vashisht Guys, what's a good way to overcome addiction?
🤬 Foobar Depends what you are addicted to
💻👿 Kenneth Jensen I just started smoking again. A friend of mine does heroin; his legs and arms are ruined. I asked and recommended he make use of his employer's help-quit program, he has no desire to quit. He's an enabler, too. This is not the right answer. Don't associate with enablers if you're trying to stop. Being an enabler does not make one an inherently bad person. As another put it, it's like being hungry or horny; a burning desire for water sucks. Hobbies?
Chetan Vashisht How to reach the next level in software development?
🎯 Gallium Oxide apply the Code of Hammurabi