a fulltime developer with heart :)
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Anyone here who deleop in node.js and have interest to dev a small ap with me over git?
always (edit: ok, of course it depends on the app)
what kind os music did yo hear when you go to develop?
Chilltrax radio station is playing in the background.
Worldwide FM and Radio Meuh
Today it was Black Sun Empire. Often it's either similar drum'n'bass or chill beat music. *edit*: sorry, overread the "os". You might find some good stuff on cchound.com
Whatever my music app thinks is most similar to Propellerheads - Take California
I like old English music. Anything from ABBA to Iron Maiden :)
I love to listen Radio Swiss Jazz or jazzfm.ro witch is one of the most beautiful and minimalist site I ever see.
Groove Salad from soma.fm is my go-to. Lava Lamp is a good Spotify playlist too.
Bad. Corona is massively back.
People are inviting me out to meet up. They just don't care anymore. I've done so well to isolate myself for over 7 months, and for nothing, apparently.
Is Germany shutting down?
In my country there are 10x more cases compared with last month.