Ph.D. student at NYU studying software supply chain security | ~ 24 years old from United States
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It's been a funny kind of week, but the end is nigh (I'm famously a drama queen)! For those of you based in the United States, what are you up to this long weekend? For the rest, what's this regular weekend looking like? :)
It feels very Autumnal here in London; the leaves are changing colour and the temperature is quite cool. But this all means that hot chocolate is on the menu; we can layer up with scarves and hoodies; and we stay in and stream films!
Well, Brazilians are also having a longer weekend (holiday on Monday). Everything spells out clearly 'relax' (which means you have to lazily accept being lazy).
What's your coffee making technique?
I take a few scoops out of the bag, put it in the filter, and press 'brew'...but seriously, though, I love my french press. I should use it more often. What do you do?
I love aeropress. I get ground beans and add them to the aeropress's brewing chamber. Add water. Wait 2 minutes. "Press" and voila!
I make drip coffee by hand with either a Chemex or Kalita Wave. That means I get speciality coffee beans, grind them myself, heat filtered water to ~90degC, rinse the filter and then slowly pour the water over the ground coffee. First letting it bloom for 30s, then going up to a 15x the water on grams that I used coffee in slow spiral movements. Best coffee ever.
I use the 2018 Aeropress recipe winner. Invert Aeropress, 35g coarse grind coffee, add 150g water, stir and brew for 1m5s, invert again, press.
I crack open a nice cold can of Mtn Dew.
Anything that uses a french press is super good. :)
espresso machine: 20g double shot with steamed milk. Smooth and creamy please, no bubbles - keep the steam wand just below the surface, too deep and you're just warming it, too high and it will "roar" loudly and bubble up quickly. Pour over: 25g grounds with a small hole dug out of the center, add 75g water, wait 30 seconds, add 250g water. Swirl it around toward the end of the brew so you're left with a nice even bed of dry grinds.
Using an Aeropress these days ever since I cracked the glass on my french press.
Heat water. Put coffee in filter over thermos. Pour water. Wait a few minutes.
Just moved my stuff over from my old VPS to a new one on a different provider. In the process, also switched over to flatcar linux with my stuff running on containers. Much cleaner setup now, and easier to maintain!
Nice, I didn't hear of flatcar Linux yet. But what's the big difference between this and any other Linux with Docker and maybe k8s installed?
How's everyone doing?
Great, had an excellent weekend, wished my dad a happy birthday, spent 10 hours at the studio recording a golden gem, then a great / fun band practice today. Unfortunately I'm having another wave of insomnia, just spent 2 hours lying awake in bed. How are you?
Just delivered a code project, hope that it will work properly. This is not the kind of work I usually do and it was a good experience! You?
I had six meetings today, so I feel quite tired. Hope you're well!
Continuing on from 's thread: I started Mr. Robot back when it first came out. I *adored* the pilot, but didn't enjoy the rest of Season 1 as much. I never latched on to Season 2. Should I give it another shot?
I dropped during season 2, it was becoming too messy for me.
I didn't like Season 2 that much either. But after you past half of that season, it picks up again.
I didn't enjoy season 2 as much when watching for the first time, but felt that it and season 1 were better when rewatching. I loved the show though.
It's moving day! Not looking forward to the move itself but excited for the new place.
Good luck! Moving is never fun but the end result will be worth it!
that's awesome! super exciting times
Think how relieved you'll feel when it's done! Exciting!
Best wishes for the move!
What are some light games I can play on a Linux machine?
Define light. Light in the sense of easy to the hardware or casual?
Any System76 laptop owners here? How has your experience been?
What's everyone up to this weekend? :)
What is your primary messaging app/service?
What are you reading right now? I'm currently reading The World as It Is by Ben Rhodes.
The Years of Lyndon Johnson: Master of the Senate - Robert Caro
I know I'm late to the party - on several levels - but my current book is "White Fragility"
Is the code powering this website available anywhere? I didn't see anything immediately on GitHub anyway. cc
Question: why does the emoji status need to be unique?
Doesn't it promote creativity?
I kinda like it. But, what if the site gets bigger? New people will end up needing to string together many emojis. But there are a lot of emojis. Time will tell I suppose
I was baffled by that at first. What If I had arrived some time later? By then one has to scrub the Unicode list to find something unique. Not very... egalitarian.
This was annoying at first, but now I think it's the bomb.