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Chetan Vashisht Vimgolf actually exists XD
David Satime-Wallin haha sounds awesome! :D
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David Satime-Wallin Nerdiest sport-event is surely VIMbledon
Chetan Vashisht Vimgolf actually exists XD
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David Satime-Wallin It's really great that the top tech companies are finally getting eyes on them. It will probably lead to nothing but more people will understand the threats they pose.
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⌨️ Joseph Agreed. People in the software dev industry already understand how much power these guys have. It's great that this is brought to the public's attention.
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Ganesh Khade Have you tried Micro Editor? Again, it's pretty powerful. Multi Cursors, Split Windows, Intutive keybindings all in terminal. Of course, it's for newbies, otherwise, vim.
David Satime-Wallin I have but I'm not loving it. I can see why some like it but I tend to stick to vim
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🤔 David AHA! I was trying to figure out how to find parent comments from the replies here in search! Perhaps it was obvious to others, but if not then click on the "xx ago" label and it'll take you to it.
David Satime-Wallin Thanks for the tip, didn't know.
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John Noble Just add this page as an 'app' from Safari. What would the difference be? (Given that an actual app would just be a wrapper around the web page anyway.)
David Satime-Wallin ooh didn't know i could do that. i've mainly used android for the past years. only just back on iphone. thanks for the tip!!
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John Noble They're just lazy. If you liked the post, hit the like button. If you have something to say, say it. But just posting a GIF of a dog celebrating, it adds nothing but noise.
David Satime-Wallin Yeah that is true. Let's hope this place turns out a lot better :) The one thing I hope will come is an app for the phone. No more features or anything, just an app for doing exactly what this page does now.
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John Noble The incessant meme replies, uuugh.
David Satime-Wallin Yeah I think they added too much to the platform. If you have a something important to say it should be enough to do so with text. If you need a lot of videos and memes and images etc then your message isn't important or interesting enough to be spread. Right?
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Ganesh Khade What do you recommend, Vim, Sublime Text or VS Code for a newbie? I used to recommed VS Code, but everyone I recommend complained about, how slow it was than Sublime Text.
David Satime-Wallin Everyone should learn Vi(m) but it's not suitable for most to use it as their main IDE. Vi(m) is available on pretty much any system so it's great to know the basics for doing changes on servers etc. I use it as my main IDE in my profession but most people tend to stick to VSCode for example.
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David Satime-Wallin It's quite a common thing that successful ventures think they're becmoing better by adding features. To quote Ken Thompson; "One of my most productive days was throwing away 1,000 lines of code."
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David Satime-Wallin The biggest problem with Twitter today is the vast amount of ads, videos and images which makes it hard to follow a thread or discussion. I think the simplicity of subreply might just be a winning plan.
John Noble The incessant meme replies, uuugh.
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⚡ Kay there's definitely something addicting about this small social network. it may be the minimalist approach, but what else?
David Satime-Wallin Yeah only just found this place but I am enjoying it so far. Think that "keep it simple" and "going back to the roots" is the right way to go forward in many cases.
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