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RIP the great Grant Imahara
there's definitely something addicting about this small social network. it may be the minimalist approach, but what else?
it resembles old chat rooms/irc channels in some way. there is no rat chase, at least now. i wonder if this will stay a thing. now we just blabber about 'things', mostly to test platform, but I'd like it to stay more like blabber, less like 'look at this content guys' if blabber can keep quality
I think *right now* is the exciting time period where the platform is gaining popularity, there aren't any expectations, and everybody on is pleasant to talk to. Hopefully this lasts!
I definitely like it so far.
Feels like an undiscovered and cozy part of the web. It's so new and not corporate.
I'm curious about it too, like the early days of the inter webs.
The ability to say things so freely
Yeah only just found this place but I am enjoying it so far. Think that "keep it simple" and "going back to the roots" is the right way to go forward in many cases.
Fun and new
it is very easy to feel heard. being interactive leads to large conversations easily, and people answer questions if you ask them. the conversations here also feel a little bit like the ones you had at 1am at a sleepover with your best friend, for some reason
well this looks like fun