~ 31y old
😇 Jesus Christ sounded internal, like a royal messup from twitter themselves
⚡ Kay my opinion as well
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😇 Jesus Christ any chance you can set my birthday to 0000 on the backend? Signup forces 1918+, too young. That would be divine.
⚡ Kay as 103 years old human, i find this offensive
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Rafael Soto what did you guys learn this year worth sharing?
⚡ Kay How to work remotely efficiently and how to stay at home without losing my mind.
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⚡ Kay RIP the great Grant Imahara
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🗨️ Fui Last day on earth. What would you do?
⚡ Kay maths debate
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🗿 Simohamed I watched some Destroy All Software screencasts destroyallsoftware... where he uses Ruby, and it's amazing how much can be expressed in a single line. I can see myself having a blast writing code in it.
⚡ Kay you should! it's easy to learn and awesome to master. make sure to check out the ruby koans, it's a great place to start
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😾 Oskar it resembles old chat rooms/irc channels in some way. there is no rat chase, at least now. i wonder if this will stay a thing. now we just blabber about 'things', mostly to test platform, but I'd like it to stay more like blabber, less like 'look at this content guys' if blabber can keep quality
⚡ Kay ah yes, it feels like an irc. I really hope it stays like this.
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⚡ Kay there's definitely something addicting about this small social network. it may be the minimalist approach, but what else?
😏 Yt L. I definitely like it so far.
⌨️ Joseph Feels like an undiscovered and cozy part of the web. It's so new and not corporate.
William Barksdale I'm curious about it too, like the early days of the inter webs.
♨️ Adeeb Khan The ability to say things so freely
David Satime-Wallin Yeah only just found this place but I am enjoying it so far. Think that "keep it simple" and "going back to the roots" is the right way to go forward in many cases.
🌊 Zero Two Fun and new
Prince it is very easy to feel heard. being interactive leads to large conversations easily, and people answer questions if you ask them. the conversations here also feel a little bit like the ones you had at 1am at a sleepover with your best friend, for some reason
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😾 Oskar I am still amazed how shitty amazon books recommendation are for me, even with all of their tracking, having my physical orders and wishlist. Discovery mechanism simply doesn't exist and it just offers whatever it thinks will sell.
⚡ Kay No wonder why they let Goodreads die. So much potential but so little effort.
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🦄 Chip Uni Lots of us here are programmers. What's your favorite programming language, and why?
⚡ Kay Ruby because of its simplicity, it's elegant and flexible.
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😏 Yt L. "There's going to be this thing called Bitcoin. Buy a lot when you first hear about it, but not too much to ruin it. Sell it all at any price above 16k."
⚡ Kay right in the feels
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⚡ Kay well this looks like fun
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