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What do you do when your unmotivated?
Listen to Jocko Willink and get motivated lol
try to asses why i am unmotivated. usually it's because i'm trying to do something i only think i care about, rather than something i truly care about. if i absolutely need to do the thing im unmotivated to do, i try to find if there's a way i can satisfy the need in a way that is interesting
A lot of times my motivation revolves around curiosity. So the question I always ask myself is why am I not curious anymore on what I am working on?
Lie my head on my desk
Coffee seems to help. I try to remember the people who are counting on my support and remind myself that I'm very lucky to be in the position that I'm in. When I think about how far I've come in progressing towards my goals and how happy I would be 6 months or a year ago to be in the position I'm now in generally that is a big spike in motivation.
What would you change about this site?
private replies would be nice, i want to share external things like github that contain personal information, but not to the entire world
i couldnt figure out how to write a thread? is it only me?