~ 36y old in United States
🐢 Xia It would be nice to have a little "thumbs up", "+1" or "heart" button, just to tell someone I liked their post or reply. Doesn't need a counter or ranking mechanism. Just to quickly show at least one person liked what you said.
👾 Marty I would give this a thumbs up if I could...
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👾 Marty You can choose one streaming service (Netflix, Hulu, etc.). Which one do you choose and why?
The Last Twitch because I could interact with a niche set of people and feel less consumed by the media.
Gorky Park Prime because you can add other higher quality film organizations with it (HBO, Showtime, ect).
👁️ Mbladra Popcorn time
Sivaram Yadala Mubi, for its unique and indigenous content.
💻 Muhammad Rizqi Honestly I'm gonna choose Netflix. It's the only one that available in my country.
Dan Heath Has to be said that whilst Netflix are leading massively, they're not being lazy about it. At least they're throwing out a huge amount of original content and there's something for everyone. I'm not a big screen guy but some of the human-centric docudramas are real good.
Grendel Honestly I'd choose youtube. It has a ton of content and there is always something new.
Kye youtube
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🐢 Xia Someone posted this a couple hours ago: I hate the news. aaronsw.com/weblog...
👾 Marty Thanks for the share
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⌨️ Joseph What operating systems are people using here? I have to use Windows 10 at work, but at home I've been rocking Fedora.
👾 Marty Pop OS and OSX
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📉 Bill What laptop does everyone use?
👾 Marty 2015 15" Macbook Pro
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🐢 Xia I'm having a tooth pulled on Wednesday morning (molar, pretty big one). I'm thinking about whether I can still work that day or should write it off. What do you think?
👾 Marty I had 4 wisdom teeth out. My two bottom ones were huge and left pretty big holes. That being said I felt fine. I wasn't out under, just had a pain killer. I could have easily worked so I'm sure you could too. I will say like 3 days later I had the worst headache I've ever had and apparently that can come after jaw trauma so be on the look out for that.
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🗿 Simohamed I might just do that haha
👾 Marty Check out both his "Good" and "Lies" videos on Youtube. Pretty much all I need to get going lol
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🗿 Simohamed What do you do when your unmotivated?
👾 Marty Listen to Jocko Willink and get motivated lol
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⚪ Ghostis What is everyone doing for during quarantine?
👾 Marty Fortunately I had built a home gym in August 2019
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🗿 Simohamed (1) I'd say skip Node for now unless you wish to contribute to projects/create a module to gain some stars on GitHub. Headless CMSs will replace your need for a backend. (2) Unlike Vue, React is full of gotchas. But, revisit React later as it is the better career choice. Vue exerpience will carry. Good luck.
👾 Marty Thanks bro, the advice is much appreciated
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Suzan Surrandon They live by John Carpenter is also awesome
👾 Marty John Carpenter had a lot of greats in the 80s. They Live is amazing but a Big Trouble in Little China is probably my favorite.
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🗿 Simohamed What are you learning? If JS, contrary to popular opinion, I would advise you to pick up a framework (Vue or Svelte) and be productive in it as soon as you know your way around Arrays in JS (map, filter, join, etc.) Skip state management and routing and pick up a meta-framework (Nuxt, Gridsome, or Sapper) as soon as you understand the core mechanics of that framework. Here's a goal for you: build a statically generated, headless CMS-powered blog by the end of the month.
👾 Marty Yeah I've been learning JS. Working a NodeJS tutorial now and was going to jump into a react one once I finished this. Maybe I'll jump over to Vue instead. I've actually not even heard of those meta-frameworks, thank you for those.
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Scott Dickson Blade Runner
👾 Marty Love the original and the sequel! Amazing movies.
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⚾ Tbeseda The Thing!
👾 Marty One of my favorites for sure. Kurt Russell is the best!
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Adsr The Breakfast Club.
👾 Marty Great movie
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🗿 Simohamed Some unsolicited advice? watch tutorials/crash courses/talks that are well above your level (in moderation.) They will help you navigate your way through learning paths and give you a wider range of readable articles (e.g. a solution to a JS problem in a React article.)
👾 Marty Thanks for the advice. I will definitely do that. I'm currently stuck in tutorial hell and I don't know why. Total mental block or something...
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