~ 33 years old in United States
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You can choose one streaming service (Netflix, Hulu, etc.). Which one do you choose and why?
i recently got kicked out of someones netflix and checked out hulu since it comes with my spotify service. Definitely choose netflix, hulu aint shit compared its practically knock off movies that you watch on airplanes
Netflix because that's all I use currently
I'm interpreting this as all forms of media streaming, so Spotify. Movie theaters are still a thing, TV is still a thing, Live music is hard to come by and $20 albums are a thing of the past.
Youtube is the only video content I watch these days. I'd probably be more productive if you took it away from me, too.
Twitch because I could interact with a niche set of people and feel less consumed by the media.
Prime because you can add other higher quality film organizations with it (HBO, Showtime, ect).
Popcorn time
Mubi, for its unique and indigenous content.
Honestly I'm gonna choose Netflix. It's the only one that available in my country.
Has to be said that whilst Netflix are leading massively, they're not being lazy about it. At least they're throwing out a huge amount of original content and there's something for everyone. I'm not a big screen guy but some of the human-centric docudramas are real good.
Honestly I'd choose youtube. It has a ton of content and there is always something new.
What is everyone's favorite 80's movie?
They did movies back then?
Not a movie per say but Magnum Pi
The Breakfast Club.
The Thing!
Off the top of my head, The Breakfast Club.
mork and mindy?
Top Gun!
The Man From Snowy River
The Quiet Earth. Post-Apocalyptic Drama From NZ Circa 1985. This film is so 80's and so overlooked.
Wargames, easily.
Blade Runner
Back to the Future 1 and 2
Gotta be The Shining
Everyone probably has a different favorite 80s movie.
Studio Ghibli's Castle in the Sky is very good!
The Princess Bride. Hands down.
It's a tie: Ferris Bueller's Day Off vs. Back To The Future
Revenge of the Nerds
A Fish Called Wanda