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How can this site (sublevel) be so fast. I mean < 50ms even for the 45 threads view? Just wow! Would love to see a technical write-up, stack, DB structure, caching etc. I really find the speed very impressive
In a previous post he stated that it runs using Falcon and some WSGI (I'm guessing uWSGI -> edit: nope, gunicorn) on a high-compute Vultr instance. Link for reference:
There's no caching layer because it will hide slowdowns. Once you don't have that you tend to focus on performance at all layers of the stack from template rendering to writing speedy SQL queries.
Back at the keyboard after a 5-day trip to my close family. How simple and trivial the problems on my screen appear to be after trying to navigate through people's sensitivities for so long.
I'm having a tooth pulled on Wednesday morning (molar, pretty big one). I'm thinking about whether I can still work that day or should write it off. What do you think?
take the day off bro
You can work fine if You need to if dentist does careful job and tooth is not inflamed. But you will feel a little dizzy afterwards because of anesthetic and general stress. Pulled few already (long story as to why few...), in different places, it all depends on dentist. Sometimes I need to sleep it off, sometimes I could continue driving another 100 kilometers without giving it a thought.
I had 4 wisdom teeth out. My two bottom ones were huge and left pretty big holes. That being said I felt fine. I wasn't out under, just had a pain killer. I could have easily worked so I'm sure you could too. I will say like 3 days later I had the worst headache I've ever had and apparently that can come after jaw trauma so be on the look out for that.
It would be nice to have a little "thumbs up", "+1" or "heart" button, just to tell someone I liked their post or reply. Doesn't need a counter or ranking mechanism. Just to quickly show at least one person liked what you said.
Had the same idea but I think you can see how many "saves" a post have. Kinda the same thing as a like. Someone find your post interesting and saves it. Without seeing who did it. It's nice too...
I would give this a thumbs up if I could...
TIL: you cannot use long words here. Try "disconnected ness" w/o the space.
might be because of some unicode or language thing. can't write chinese or russian characters right
I also ran into this while attempting to write "Ungoogled Chromium" with a - between the two words rather than a space.
I noticed that when I was on mobile and tried to type a URL into a comment. The system didn't allow but allowed (i.e., had to have the https:// to be identified as a link and bypass the character count limitation). Of course, just as I try to demonstrate the problem, it decides to work! Maybe something change this past 24 hours?
You can write the longest dictionary word: pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis.
Do you know the feeling of sometimes feeling alone in the world despite family and friends? What do you do about it?
Sometimes. I'm still figuring it out.
You kinda just get used to it
Exercise more, with weights.
Distract myself. E.g. playing music, learn new things. Sometimes it works.
I find helping people around me helps me feel less alone.
Yes, it's not the best feeling. Are you depressed? I don't feel alone. I like beeing alone, but that's not the same as feeling alone. Feeling alone don't mean your actually alone, but the feeling of beeing alone is still there and real enough.
One thing I realized more and more as I got older is that no one really cares about anyone else. If you want to be friends with someone, or be a part of someone's life (and vice versa), you have to impose yourself on them. For example, if you want to play tennis with someone, keep bothering them about it. If you want to play video games with someone, keep bothering them about it. Sometimes it feels difficult or socially awkward but if you keep doing it, it gets better.
Where's the loneliness coming from? Is it coming from not connecting with people on an intellectual level? Not connecting with someone in a love relationship? Not spending quality time with loved ones? All in all, keep yourself busy and find gratification and self-worth in your creations. E.g. an open source software, woodworking, etc. Don't sit idle.
I do know that feeling. My best suggestion is to try to reach out to your family and friends. Perhaps try to connect with them on a "deeper" level explaining how you feel about what you're experiencing day to day beyond the usual level of conversation you'd typically have. I began to make a real effort to do this a few months ago and it has made all the difference in the world. It's also very import to be genuinely attentive to what they have to say as well.
I've felt that way my entire life, and I'm starting to realize that a lot of it comes from being around people who I don't connect with. They're not bad--I genuinely like them--but they never listen and they don't care about the things I care about. I think this comes from the fact that I've acquired most of my friends by default--the path of least resistance. If there's anyone in your life you genuinely connect with, I'd consider why, and try to find more people like them.
I feel the same way. Sometimes books help, sometimes yoga does too. But I think it's best to keep yourself distracted by skilling up or talking to a long lost friend. But it's hard after a while. Goodluck my friend.
Feeling alienated vs connected comes in waves over the course of life. If you don't think the problem is a lack of people in your life, sometimes it's worthwhile to embrace the solitude. Alternatively talk to 'strangers', like neighbors, grocers etc...if you need the social engagement but can't engage in your close relationships
I don't see my parents often, because we live far away from each other. When visiting this weekend it turned out my dad believes in wild conspiracy theories around Covid and more. We had a discussion, an argument about it and it only ended because my mom could not stand us getting angry. We didn't talk about it after that and I feel this stands between us and I'm disappointed and sad. I even thought about leaving early. I always thought highly of my dad and now, I don't know.
People are scared. Making bad decisions based on bad information. Be kind to you and to him, you won't regret being kind.
You have all my sympathy. People cling to conspiracy theories to give themselves a little power when the world is scary... like it is now. They want to think they "know the real truth".
My dad's the same way. My dad thinks that the virus is a bunch of satellites zapping away the oxygen from different locations. I don't like arguing with my family, so I just went with it.
People who fell into that rabbit hole will have a hard time to come out of it again. Conspiracy theories are self-feeding and self-ensuring. The only way is to help him see the contradictions without pushing him to much. If you push too much, he'll only slip further down into the hole unfortunately.
Keep in mind it is not entirely his fault. Decent news sources are few and far between in the wild west of algorithmic timelines.
People turn to conspiracy theories to help them deal with very troubling times. In their minds, a conspiracy makes more sense than the somewhat random and arbitrary truth.
serenity now ;)
its important to remember you can love without agreeing :)