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How is everyone today?
Once a week I go to my deli in the morning and ask for egg-chees-bacon-on-a-kaiser-roll and she always repeats back to me: bacon-egg-cheese-kaiser-roll. This morning was no difference. That's how we roll.
Are there any linux sysadmins that have ADHD? I have it bad and find it challenging sometimes. How do you handle remembering everything?
By creating bash scripts and keeping them versioned in git. I can't work with Jenkins without jobConfigHistory plugin.
How does one get started with bootstrap if I don't have an example website yet? I found a theme I want to use but have no idea how to use it. I am pretty good with understanding html and css. Can anybody help me?
Do you have a project/idea in mind and are ready to begin building it? If so, personally I would lay out the requirements of the application and then decide what types of data/components need to be displayed. Then, I would iterate off of that to figure out a UI that I like. With a plan like that laid out you can begin looking at what Bootstrap components can fulfill those design goals
When I was learning bootstrap I used a static HTML file with a style tag linking to their official CDN. Then I played around with divs of different colors to test the grid system and get the basic layout the way I wanted. The greatest challenege was figuring out the side menu which should collapse to the top in mobile layout. I was recently told that I should have started with a template instead.
If you want to try TailwindCSS instead, I can help you.
Anybody good with tmux by chance?
if by "good" you mean able to attach and detach without seriously injuring myself, then yes.
I use it and know my way around but just need a handful of hotkeys. I keep coming back to this cheatsheet:
yes, I made bash invoke a multi-pane tmux sessions to remote ssh and monitor dozen's of processes from multiple vm's. An eagle's eye point of view. tmux is hard to master in even harder to give up.
Good morning everyone! What are you doing today? I am working and learning python. :)
Doing laundry and attempting to teach my girlfriend python. Finding it might be easier to just throw a tutorial at her lol. How's your python coming along?
Trying to understand tensor networks.. has anyone here studied this?
Working on an outline + introduction for my second (first author) paper. It's going to be on brushless motors! I am so slow at writing introductions, like one day per paragraph. Hopefully the rest of the paper will go faster!
Is this site open source by chance?
This is interesting.
That's really interesting. I've also noticed that I'm back at what I guess is my natural sleep cycle. Because I work from home and the kids don't need to go to school there's no use for an alarm clock and everyone just wakes up naturally. I go to bed a roughly the same time but wake up nearly 2 hours later than "normal" weekdays. Also there is no difference anymore between weekdays and weekends. And I'm not tired in the early afternoon, as I used to be.
Anybody know of any frameworks for blogging that allows for text based only blogs? I really love this
Have you seen
Are you wanting an available WYSIWYG? Or are you fine with writing things up in Markdown and then rendering them?
check out next.js + mdx. powerful combination
Yes. It's called the Hypertext Markup Language. My website runs on it and each page is maybe a kilobyte each, plus most browsers since the 90s can render it.
Aaron actually created his own framework webpy way back when, more likely than not his blog is running on it too. You can find the modern incarnation here:
Most markdown based static site generators, would be a good place to look; Zola ( is pretty simple and straightforward. You can setup GitLab or github pages to auto build, there's instructions in the docs.
I use iA Writer as a markdown text editor. It supports publishing to Ghost, Medium,, Micropub, and WordPress. I can't see a way to add media to my notes so even if the blogging framework used allows it, you'd have to go out of your way to do so.
I recently created a blog using Hugo and hosted it on Vercel. It's actually stupidly simple. Go on Vercel, create a new Hugo template, clone it, apply a theme and push changes.
I like eleventy
I love this site! How long has this been a thing?
We like it too! :) as for your question, it's been around for a bit over six years. Check out the first post: