I think bigly
Runlevelrobot Good morning everyone! What are you doing today? I am working and learning python. :)
👁️ Mbladra Trying to understand tensor networks.. has anyone here studied this?
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👾 Marty You can choose one streaming service (Netflix, Hulu, etc.). Which one do you choose and why?
👁️ Mbladra Popcorn time
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🌚 Cosmo Does computational neuroscience count?
👁️ Mbladra Depends if you develop software.. regardless, that's an interesting field to work in! Considering going to grad school for that. How do you like your job?
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🌚 Nlggers I'm not sure about getting brave recently. I wouldn't have picked this username string if it weren't for the increased internet censorship of late. You're welcome to believe as you do and continue calling for me to be removed but I think you may come to find that the tighter you close your grip the more star systems will slip through your fingers. :^)
👁️ Mbladra wow looks like we have ourselves a badass here.. a real keyboard warrior
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🔻 Trinity Always, always, always. Even back in the 40s IBM built the mainframe the nazis used to catalogue the jews. It's deeply nestled in computing's history, though thankfully not too embedded in modern times (at least compared to fifty years ago).
👁️ Mbladra wow that's crazy about IBM. Just went down a wikipedia rabbit hole on that. "IBM New York established a special subsidiary in Poland called Watson Business Machines to deal with railway traffic in the General Government. Edwin Black asserts that IBM did so after the Sept 1, 1939 Nazi Invasion of Poland, and continued this business relationship during the Holocaust in Poland. Watson Business Machines operated a punch card printing shop near the Warsaw Ghetto."
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📉 Bill We can't ever "just get along". Everything in this world is inherently in competition to survive the next day.
👁️ Mbladra I don't think that's true at all.. I mean if you really wanted to, I guess you might be able to do some mental gymnastics to shoehorn the world into a lens of 'inherent competition', but that's pretty obviously going to be a poor explaination of a lot of largely cooperative phenomena
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🤬 Foobar I thought I would love fully remote but I definitely feel like I need to be in the office at least 1-2 times a week
👁️ Mbladra What do you think you're missing out from those couple office days?
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🌚 Nlggers If I recall correctly there was some work done a few years ago on the topic of a sort of "spacial association" that takes place in your mind. I believe the researchers who looked at this concluded there were different "mental modalities" depending on the associated activity of a space. Certainly if our home environments have differing associations it could go either way.
👁️ Mbladra Change your username pls
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🌌 Tom I definitely think a balance is needed. my current position is full time WFH and it certainly has its benefits, but I do miss the office environment from time to time
👁️ Mbladra What do you miss about it?
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🧬 Thomas My son is also named Bort.
👁️ Mbladra Bort & Urnie
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Joseph Gilmore I went in the first couple of days and met some people. But other weren't in the office to meet.
👁️ Mbladra Ah I see. Any advice for someone about to start remote?
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😾 Oskar Same. Added to /etc/hosts on every single website which promoted my procrastination. The last one in line was HN. This was top post before I blocked it.
👁️ Mbladra Do you know of a way to do this on Android?
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🧉 Martin But how are you going to keep up with political arguments and all the constant bad news!? :)
👁️ Mbladra To be honest, the flat earth groups were kind of my favorite part of FB before I got off it lol
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🐊 Andromeda Pie Sign for a new social network promoting itself as trustworthy and the first thing I see is a racial slur lmao
👁️ Mbladra Did the internet boards always have racists, or has that been more of a recent thing
Anon Mcanon Feature Request Megathread
👁️ Mbladra Better searching, especially by hashtag topics
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🤬 Foobar Access to the API
👁️ Mbladra Yupp that would be awesome
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