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Hello all! Another day at funemployment co. ! Let's fight entropy of motivation once more.
Ah did your job get bit by the corona bug?
Is Starlink only made to broaden customer base for Internet-based services across the scale, world? Streaming, sales, data. If yes, how much is an untapped Internet economy worth to make it all viable?
Up to 60 or 65 degrees north/south I think. Initially. There is probably a big potential, huge part of land aren't covered yet or are badly provided. It will probably also encounter resistance from local/national providers. Here in Belgium I wouldn't be surprised if Starlink terminals aren't allowed to be sold or satellites not allowed to use ground relays. Though it seems difficult to prohibit that, the country is small. Will be interesting to see how it will pan out...
What do you think about modification made to Vockler Rule by financial regulators? This opens banks to investment in PE
So, anybody has some data driven project in mind with which he needs collaboration? Mining, analysis, classification, querying etc. Commercial or not.
Hehe, based on some of the discussions yesterday around scraping subreply I went and bought It'd be fun to have a community project to play with! If you're interested in working on it here and there let me know :) and that goes for anyone else too!
I've been thinking about how to do automatic moderation and personal feed curation. The idea is to look at incoming data like tweets, news stories, comments, links from an RSS feed, etc. Then train a model or several such models in a continuous loop to predict whether I will like something or not. I'm looking at tensorflow.js but still early stage.
Option to answer to multiple people. Topics branch out and original poster is not notified, even if discussion still includes him. This limits discussion only to 'branch' of a reply, usually between two people.
Do you think that large scale farming became a form of feudalism where subjects are addicted not to a lord anymore but a set of technology allowing business sustainability in terms of achieved yields?
I'd want to have as much optimism about future world as professional TikTok'ers have, any advice how? I am grumpy asf.
So, this seems less anxiety inducing than twitter. Will it live? Anxiety is addictive.
I hope so! I'm diggin it so far
What's Twitter, precious?
Probably not, but it's already more fun
twitter got started in a sort of similar way. i think it depends on getting some people on here that other people want to follow
I think it needs a dark mode.
its new