College student with a minor obsession for blinkenlights
Marcos Varela-Oroda None. That beautiful feeling you only get after formatting your drive.
💡 Diff Gotta say it's really tempting sometimes. Every now and then I create a new user account just to have that fresh feeling for a moment, but then I settle in and all I've done is create yet another walled-off fragment that'll be impossible to find anything in later on down the road.
💡 Diff Need to just start storing all the code I write, no matter how small, on GitLab or something. Really would cut down on the number of afternoons I spend searching for old code I suddenly need again.
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Dsasdf Though it is too big, hardly anyone has anything interesting to say. Communities have enclosed themselves inside echo chambers and its members are regurgitating whatever information echoes back into their feed.
💡 Diff Even the smallest places can have a little bit of that. But big places have so *many* people that there are enough people sharing any given viewpoint to just straight up mob anyone that doesn't agree with them. On a smaller scale it's easier to remember the human behind the post and easier to actually chat instead of just shout down.
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🔻 Trinity Prolly just an API access thing. Celebrities allow an app to post to the timeline, forget to revoke the permissions, bam. Guy who did it got like a hundred K or so he'll never be able to liquidate. He should have posted or something.
💡 Diff Nah apparently there's an internal Twitter administrative tool that was used to change the emails on the accounts. No fault on the user's part. This time :P
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Rsm Have things slowed down here?
💡 Diff Probably. I've seen a few people say that it used to be much quieter before HN and flooded in. Would expect it to return mostly back to normal afterwards.
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🌚 Nlggers I think however responsible it happens to be is a relatively subjective matter.
💡 Diff Choosing an inflammatory name--just because you can, just to push back on decreasing social tolerance of it--isn't a very "nice" thing. You don't come across as fighting against censorship, and honestly you couldn't have picked a worse example of the bad sides of "censorship" since the dynamics of normal social interactions naturally dissuade the kind of behavior you're exhibiting with your username.
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🤔 David Took a break from work and messed with the gist again--I updated the textarea element to not look awkward and span the whole page. To anyone who may be using the CSS go ahead and update it if you want :) (dave_ant, digitalwestern, diff)
💡 Diff Looks much nicer overall!
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Runlevelrobot Good morning everyone! What are you doing today? I am working and learning python. :)
💡 Diff Doing laundry and attempting to teach my girlfriend python. Finding it might be easier to just throw a tutorial at her lol. How's your python coming along?
Kye youtube big is another level. i mean, if it wasn't such a monopoly it wouldn't be necessary but as of today i think it's the only way to fix this. also, we can find ways to benefit the youtube team somehow
💡 Diff Not seeing how open sourcing YouTube would fix the problem. The problem isn't that YouTube is closed, it's the network effect. YouTube has all the people and all the content, so they have all the power. People stay there because that's where all the people and content is. Maybe if you could force some sort of decentralization/federation to it, but that'd be tricky.
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Dsasdf Why did you quit Twitter?
💡 Diff Never really started in the first place fortunately. I prefer smaller-sized communities where I can actually learn the names and "faces" of the people around me. Twitter's just too big for my tastes.
🏒 Lucian Marin Antergos was a really nice distribution of Arch, but I would use Rolling Rhino to turn any Ubuntu flavor into a rolling release.
💡 Diff How's that compare with something like Debian Sid/testing?
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Runlevelrobot Thanks n I haven't tried it in another terminal. I will research some more.
💡 Diff Tmux has had some problems with Konsole and redrawing in the past. If you're using Konsole, that'd be a good suspect.
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Runlevelrobot Anybody good with tmux by chance?
💡 Diff if by "good" you mean able to attach and detach without seriously injuring myself, then yes.
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🌳 Arthur Segalas Both. I was there because internet was down at my place. Noisy and crowded, I don't get how people can work in such places.
💡 Diff Crowded is one thing, but certain types of noise can help if it's able to blend into background noise. Also just the change of scenery can help a lot. I can't really explain it but being somewhere else where you only go to work can help productivity a lot.
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💡 Diff Does "unimproved" mean a lack of improvement or like improvement in the reverse direction?
🤔 David Yeah I'll see if I can get some media queries in there and adjust the code. It's meant as an addon to what originally wrote, hence it's using hardcoded colors. I'll see if I can swap them with the variables assigned under :root sometime later this week (I have a deadline for tomorrow so I have to focus today) || EDIT: As for the spacing I can also see about leaving the sidebar alone. Since it's just a fun project I can tinker with it until it looks just right