Musician and developer.
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🍁 John J. The cafe or the laptop? Or work? Man, I haven't been to a cafe in a _long_ time.
🌳 Arthur Segalas Both. I was there because internet was down at my place. Noisy and crowded, I don't get how people can work in such places.
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🎯 Gallium Oxide Quoting : "[It] is powered by Falcon web framework, Django ORM, Jinja2, PostgreSQL, PgBouncer, Gunicorn, Nginx and few other Python libraries. A high frequency Vultr VPS running a bare bones Ubuntu Server makes things fly"
🌳 Arthur Segalas Nice. Thanks.
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❄️ Geoff How's the pugin ecosystem?
🌳 Arthur Segalas Terrible to be honest. I don't use a lot of plugins, apart from an ad blocker, remembear and, so no a dealbreaker for me. But if you use a laptop, try it for a week and you might be surprised by the amount of extra battery time you get compared to, say Google Chrome.
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Jakub Janarek I love this site's design, snappy, fresh, no ads (obv), and dark mode by default ^^
🌳 Arthur Segalas Anyone know the technology stack it uses?
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❄️ Geoff What browser is everyone using these days? Anyone on Microsoft Edge?
🌳 Arthur Segalas I'm on Safari right now. The best browser for macOS in my opinion, since it is heavily optimised for that platform.
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🌳 Arthur Segalas The setting made me think of this, still one of my favourite piece of live music on Youtube :
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🍃 Matt Harwood I need new music - who can recommend me some?
🌳 Arthur Segalas Sitting in a cafe, working on my laptop. I hate it.
🍁 John J. The cafe or the laptop? Or work? Man, I haven't been to a cafe in a _long_ time.