likes to read non-fiction, works in software, addicted to maps
~ 23y old in United Kingdom
Joined 1y, 20w ago. Seen 1y, 19w ago.
Umayr Read both of them. I recently finished Broken Earth, and now I'm looking for something light (like Mistborn)
Jakub Janarek Looking forward to pick up the Mistborn trilogy too
🌚 Cosmo Everyone everywhere is a computer programmer; they just don't know it yet.
Jakub Janarek Schrodinger's NodeJS fullstack dev
🟣 Ox Any software developers here?
Jakub Janarek One more reporting here. We're probably too many :/
📉 Bill What laptop does everyone use?
Jakub Janarek For work - MBP with the shitty keyboard and touchbar. For me - MBA with a better keyboard but way less RAM.
🤔 Justin Dorfman Who's here via HN?
Jakub Janarek Me, I saw it trending on the frontpage today.
😇 Jesus Christ I'm looking to gather 12 close friends for supper, who's down? There will be wine. Follow me if you want to be there.
Jakub Janarek Oh god, here we go again.
Felix What are you currently reading? I need inspirations
Jakub Janarek "Crashed" by Adam Tooze - a recount and explanation of the '08 financial crysis written 2 years ago or so. So far, very dense but rewarding.
Jakub Janarek I love this site's design, snappy, fresh, no ads (obv), and dark mode by default ^^
🧬 Thomas Feelings blazing fast right?
⚛️ Angelino Desmet Indeed, it's a delight to use.
🚋 Nick Vella This site absolutely hits all the right points in my books. I'm on a desktop with a mouse, don't need buttons and padding the size of football fields!
🔗 Peter Cooper I like it but would like it even more if it were monospace font I could throw together a quick local style for that though..
🌳 Arthur Segalas Anyone know the technology stack it uses?
🌚 Nlggers I agree. It very much reminds me of old bulletin board systems (BBS) which I find quite refreshing and distraction free.
Michael U. hi there!
Jakub Janarek Polish presidential election results - thoughts?
Michael U. Close result. Seems he got a lot of votes from the right wing. Interesting situation.
🍃 Matt Harwood Sad result. Duda's comments such as "[being gay] is more destructive than communist indoctrination" mean a further step back for a country where the young want a more liberal, inclusive future.
Jakub Janarek Hi there! :)