Zero Edge Most content consumption leads to anger, hate, and mental pain. Not consuming content leads to mellowness and peace but an uninformed stance. I used to think the world was "nice" and most people were "good" but it seems harder and harder to find those things I used to think. Is the internet just very good at highlighting the "edge cases". Does the internet accurately represent the world and its opinion as a whole or is it just edge case after edge case.
🌪️ Angelino Desmet You might find this insightful: I Hate the News - Aaron Swartz
😏 Yt L. I'd bet on "smaller than Facebook" but that doesn't have to be a bad thing. Small communities can be nicer, plus, every small community taking away from the big names is a tiny blow against them. They may never be killed and replaced by any one competitor, but pulled down and devoured by a horde.
🌪️ Angelino Desmet I couldn't agree more. I used to think small websites stood no chance, but that's completely missing the point: it's the websites that grow too large that lose. Look at facebook or reddit, there's no feeling of community whatsoever. It's just too big to feel relevant. Therefore, I posit that Dunbar's number is applicable to online communities as well:
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🍃 Matt Harwood I need new music - who can recommend me some?
🌪️ Angelino Desmet Castlevania - Bloody Tears | Piano Version [by Myuu]:
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🍁 John J. Anyone else Folding@home?
🌪️ Angelino Desmet No, I do run GIMPS (Great Internet Mersenne Prime Search) 24/7 though: No luck yet :( :p I used to run SETI@Home as well, but they stopped the project. How long have you been running F@H?
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❄️ Geoff What browser is everyone using these days? Anyone on Microsoft Edge?
🌪️ Angelino Desmet Firefox + uBlock Origin + uMatrix + NoScript.
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🍁 John J. Love it! And the whole site! Hosting a link now. :-) Any plans for an RSS feed?
🌪️ Angelino Desmet Haven't thought about it yet. I also have no idea if that is easily possible since the website is a simple static page hosted with GitHub pages. Moreover, I don't update too frequently (because I don't want average sources). That's why I added a post submit number so you can easily see if new ones got added. That's how I keep up to date with other blogs, I just check 'em. I try to keep notification to the minimum to avoid distractions.
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🙌 Victor Who built ? What was the first message ever posted on the platform?
Jakub Janarek I love this site's design, snappy, fresh, no ads (obv), and dark mode by default ^^
🌪️ Angelino Desmet Indeed, it's a delight to use.
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Dan Heath Agreed. If you can win the argument with fewer blows then it's a lot more effective at teaching a lesson.
🌪️ Angelino Desmet Don't hesitate to PM me if you happen to find a good one. And I hope you can convince your family members ;)
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💹 Rj love the favicon!
🌪️ Angelino Desmet Haha, thank you! Made it with Inkscape.
Dan Heath Do you maintain that site? I'll have to point some family members that way...
🌪️ Angelino Desmet I do. I could post many more anti-facebook sources, but I deliberately choose only the best ones. Don't want to overwhelm visitors with thousands of links.
🦅 Simo What are you working on right now?
🌪️ Angelino Desmet "It is better either to be silent, or to say things of more value than silence. Sooner throw a pearl at hazard than an idle or useless word; and do not say a little in many words, but a great deal in a few." --Pythagoras (570 - 496 BC)
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🍶 Freeman while pondering about the nature of social media and how it facilitates strong opinions, biases and groupthink that leads to toxicity , one wonders what it would look like if a social media were to block the use of "I" and "you", sort of like in the UK parliament (they only block the second person pronoun)
🌪️ Angelino Desmet Ponder this: plenty of reasons to
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