Cybersecurity product guy and CEO
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What are you working on right now?
Getting a blog going with next.js. It's been pretty enjoyable.
GitHub just went down so it's pretty much the apocalypse. :(
Wander the Night; a project to share that special feeling of your first night in a new city.
VR development with UE4. It's pretty fun.
proj management, client coddling, scratching head over dead server
Flask App for simple todo/ note-taking activities
My own web application security testing framework.
Localizing some sweet video games. As always.
Converted a blog to an ebook, so I can read it on my kindle.
Giving support to a not happy customer
my personal website and maybe a CRUD app
Today is the release date for an mobile app projects I've made with my life partner during the past 1-2 month of lockdown. Play Store review times are quite long, but it should be live later during the day :)
I'm working on a 3D model of a pinyon pine for a VR game! Though, it doesn't look as accurate as a real pinyon...
Very tiny cli wrapper for azcopy
Looking for inspiration or ideas for building my first flutter mobile app
Flask app, to make graphs similar to GitHub commit activity graphs, but based on how many ToDo items you do in a day
Version 2 of my business idea generator at
Working on my personal blog about full-stack development in JavaScript.
Prep'ing for my Splunk Architect exam later this week.
Getting up to speed at my new job. Learning fast.
a text based multiplayer game that you play via Telegram, not many know about it but there's a nice community and we have lots of fun spacehuntgame .com
Working on my website, but quickly distracted learning about font design.
An (indie) academic journal
Home Assistant integration for all the things
My own version of - we're doing free COVID track and trace for UK Pubs
I'm working on a service for building a professional community, personal websites and blogs. Please let me know any suggestions.
starting a side-hustle with freelancing in Go development
On making life easier for bootstrappers
a machine learning based anti-cheat service for multiplayer games
Bridge: Chat for Business -
A simple evernote clone using react and nodejs
Learning Elixir / Phoenix / LiveView, I want to leave javascript behind
Ground-up redesign for
studying for the exam: *important continuous distributions*
Going through Tim Ferriss Podcast Transcripts, it has some great stuff :)
Learning Rust and waiting for my brain to come up with some ideas to develop in Rust.
Exploring subreply
neobanking app with USD stable coins as the base currency and traditional payment rails
Starting a new job soon so I'm refreshing my knowledge regarding the technologies I'm going to be using every day.
Working on a paper about post-quantum cryptography, deadlines are approaching
Basecamp for mentorship. With everything going remote nowadays, remote mentorships would be even more successful with the tools mentors/mentees need.
Editorial for my online magazine.
Interactive fitness app, that sees you via CV and interacts with you based on your training -
Large scale consumer mobile app