Cybersecurity product guy and CEO
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Rsm Editorial for my online magazine.
🦅 Simo what's your magazine about?
Dan Heath Sales engineer at Cisco. Just switched roles internally to a be a specialist on a product group instead of being a account engineer.
🦅 Simo Nice one. Seems to be a good place to work based on friends' testimonials. And they throw a killer party during RSA :-)
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🥔 Lewis Freiberg neobanking app with USD stable coins as the base currency and traditional payment rails
🦅 Simo as someone with interest but not a whole lot of knowledge of the industry, is this aimed at some specific demography?
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Dan Heath Getting up to speed at my new job. Learning fast.
🦅 Simo what do you do?
📷 Jasper Exploring subreply
🦅 Simo you and me both!
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🗿 Ali 1. A global predefined and fixed config for any thing. e.g. global parameter variation limit. for example max to be 50 for "p=1234" and "p=settings.php" 2. Missing differential analysis on captured pages and results. 3. Missing ML feature-based analysis. 4. They think all of paths as file/dir and not file/dir and function/mounted route. Tell about your works.
🦅 Simo Interesting, although I know too little of the scanner space to comment anything intelligent. I run a company with a network detection product using the deception method (i.e. fancy honeypots), you can check some specs out at
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Motty I wonder how many people will actually pay for their service, I tried it.
🦅 Simo based on how garbage most email clients are UX-wise, my guess is that there's a sizable market for a usable email client with spam reduction
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Adrian Delmar On making life easier for bootstrappers
🦅 Simo this is a pretty cool idea actually.
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⭐ Xavi a text based multiplayer game that you play via Telegram, not many know about it but there's a nice community and we have lots of fun spacehuntgame .com
🦅 Simo not that I need any distractions, but am a sucker for text games so will check it out
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Felix starting a side-hustle with freelancing in Go development
🦅 Simo good luck setting it up!
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Dubdee My own version of
🦅 Simo nice one. which reminds me I have an invite pending in my mailbox for hey..
🗿 Ali Not yet. I worked on a scanner project for 3 years and discovered some common issues in web application security scanners. All of them have same problems by design. Based on my researches and ideas I started to make the framework ;)
🦅 Simo if it's not a huge secret, what's the common problem with the scanners? Out of interest since I also do work in the cybersecurity product domain, but on the detection side.
Pouria Khakpour Giving support to a not happy customer
🦅 Simo best of luck!
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🗿 Ali My own web application security testing framework.
🦅 Simo anything public on it yet?
☝️ Jean-David Moisan GitHub just went down so it's pretty much the apocalypse. :(
🦅 Simo Hadn't even noticed yet. Seems it's been down for a couple hours already so hopefully will be over soon
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🦅 Simo What are you working on right now?
Matt Palmer Getting a blog going with next.js. It's been pretty enjoyable.
☝️ Jean-David Moisan GitHub just went down so it's pretty much the apocalypse. :(
De Yoppe VR development with UE4. It's pretty fun.
Luke F. proj management, client coddling, scratching head over dead server
🌮 Hejo Flask App for simple todo/ note-taking activities
🗿 Ali My own web application security testing framework.
🉑 Vincent Leeuw Localizing some sweet video games. As always.
Chetan Vashisht Converted a blog to an ebook, so I can read it on my kindle.