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🦅 Simo as someone with interest but not a whole lot of knowledge of the industry, is this aimed at some specific demography?
🥔 Lewis Freiberg it's aimed a particular group of crypto holders who've taken a line of credit against their assets. Like the rich take out ELOCs on their assets to unlock their liquidity to purchase things or pay for services. So can crypto holders, who've taken around $1bn in loans out on their assets to date. problem with an ELOC denominated in crypto is a baker doesn't want ethereum or fake usd. so I'm slapping on some traditional rails on it so they can spend their new found liquidity
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🕹️ Louise Learning Rust and waiting for my brain to come up with some ideas to develop in Rust.
🥔 Lewis Freiberg what resources are you using, I've been tinkering but haven't committed yet.
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🥔 Lewis Freiberg is this thing on?
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🦅 Simo What are you working on right now?
🥔 Lewis Freiberg neobanking app with USD stable coins as the base currency and traditional payment rails
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