Is subreply active?
I sure hope so!
I check here every day, and it's peaceful, maybe we are not following the most active poeple !
I think is active. No buzz, no fuss.
Define "active".
full of lurkers
Think so
we out here
Are there any mechanical and ergonomic keyboard enthusiasts here?
I have four or five mechanical keyboards. My favorite:
I have Glorious Pandas being prepped for placement in a GMMK Pro that is yet to arrive. I also backed the Epomaker AK84 on Kickstarter. I would love a split ergo keeb but none really tickle my fancy at an acceptable price.
Not specially ergonomic in any way but I have a build with the KBD67 Lite kit with Boba U4, I really like it !
How would you build an home server these days ? For self hosting purposes (Nextcloud, Photoprism, Plex and various apps like that) with maybe with around 8Gb to be futureproff
A Raspberry Pi 4 may be a good option. You can keep Raspbian or choose another Linux OS (Arch ARM). Web Server : nginx, Database : Postgresql for Nextcloud,....
I would overengineer it ridiciously and farm Chia, for now ;) Can serve as a file dump afterwards anyway
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I didn't understand what the difference was with Reddit.
More than 50% of comments on the internet are from people whos brain has not fully developed yet.. Never in history have young people had such weight in their voice but at the same time we do not know who is blessed with age and who has more to grow. The internet is mud. Engage more in real life and you will see the internet is not a reflection of us but a poorely drawn caricature.
They will learn faster, build a better world.
Perhaps the wise, in larger number than we imagine, are keeping silent.
shit take
Holy shi... I'm now reading Seveneves by Neal Stephenson. It's very long, and a good read. A wasn't a fan of politics before, but now I am even less of a fan of politics. There is very little politics in the novel, but they have large effects. It is a good sci-fi novel tgus far - I'm only two thirds of the way through, and have been reading it for many days now.
I wish I could get back my love for reading. I was reading a lot, exclusively science books (astronomy, physics, evolution, geology, etc.)... My work basically stopped my readings for more than twelve years now. Even with the pandemic slow down, I'm still not reading anything, except a few online articles. And too much YouTube. Damn internet. Even if that's not an excuse. I hope the envy will come back to me... 🙄
Fill in the blank: There is more to life than just _________________.
being there for people who are never there for you
the destination.
worrying about what you have to do tomorrow
GTA 5 looking photo realistic... For real...
I will enjoy this as a TV show rather than playing the game myself.
Astounding. The amount of engineering behind the effects makes clear what inspires this people.
After a few weeks working on it, is now live and I'm pretty happy about it. :)
Did you consider subscriptions like Substack?
just found it and signed up!
Reminiscence. We all want to go back to a time when we were happy.
even at the time we considered ourselves to be 'happy', we may still have been reminiscing about how we were even happier in the past
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