What is your RSS Reader of choice? Currently using Inoreader, but wondering about alternatives.
I've never been a big RSS Reader user but Fraidycat looks just too good.
Big fan of Miniflux but I was using Inoreader before (:
I used Feedbro browser extension (add-on).
"Be nice to people on the way up; because you just might meet them on the way down." What's the best piece of advice you've ever received?
"Know your future self" Not necessarily the best advice ever but one that becomes more and more relevant with age.
"Think before you speak." A platitude that is well-worth understanding.
"Write code as if the one who takes over is a psychopath who knows your address."
So I just tried to ask "How's everyone doing?" but it turns out I asked that 6 weeks ago as well. But anyway, how's everyone doing now? :D
Entropy is winning, send reinforcements.
Pretty good! I will be starting a new role in a few weeks or so :) how about yourself?
Generally good but a lot of personal stuff on my plate currently and it is just not feasible to procrastinate them further. Starting a hormone therapy actually today. It's about ekzema though, nothing mind blowing. Next step: start actual therapy to figure out that whole ADHD thing.
I am OK and I hope you are too! Challenging times at work and at home, partly to do with COVID and restrictions. I'm enjoying the seasons changing from Summer to Autumn. And I am looking forward to some time off soon.
Are you all using fraidyc.at ?
I just started. Is there something I don't? Don't know whether you intended to sound so ominous. :-D
I tried it briefly last month, and thought the format was refreshing. However, I reverted to Inoreader as I find it more powerful. I would like to switch to a more minimal RSS reader that does not require a browser addon, however.
I was looking for an RSS reader for a specific blog, and my first reaction was to search on subreply. So I saw your post and I just started using it. However I never used RSS feed before and I don't really what I could use fraidycat for, except for this particular blog.
What is your text editor of choice? I'm a Sublime Text kinda guy. :)
Kakoune. It's like Vim but the other way around.
My daily editor is Visual Studio Code. I use it for a variety of tasks involving text editing other than programming. If I lived on a terminal, though, I would use Vim every day.
vim. I installed a trial of pyCharm for my python projects. Jetbrains want 8 dlls a month for the right to use pyCharm. I have to admit, it's super complete (indexing, in-line debugging, the works).
Emacs. I do most things in emacs though. Sadly, it's missing a decent browser otherwise I could practically do everything in it.
tried fish, went back to zsh
Fish is great if you like the way it is doing things. The out-of-the-box config is really good. But I'm too much into little nitty-gritty details and so zsh it is.
I'm all about ksh with PS1="$ " nowadays. Keeping it simple, minimal/no config. Same with editor, just nvi with 'set ru ai nu'
It's nearly bedtime here in the UK, so I won't hear about the US Presidential debate until tomorrow morning; will you be watching?
I ended up watching most of it. Don't feel the need to watch the next two
Only saw some summaries. Man, I wish there would be people with some dignity up there.
best storage for a Raspberry Pi if I want to host web applications? wondering how viable an SD card/flash drive/2.5 SSD are. I'm thinking of getting an external enclosure for a 2.5 SSD i have lying around and using that, but not sure how each compares.
I host web applications (Nextcloud, Wordpress, ...) on my rasp with an SD card (128 Go) for the moment. It's not the best i know but working well. If i buy next year the 4 Go RAM version, i'll be interested in using a SSD.
I think the main issue with the SD card (even more than speed) is the usually shitty lifetimes.
My favorite Linux screenshot app just got updated ! github.com/flamesh...
I'm already in a healthy, stable relationship with maim. How dare you tempt me.
simpleoptout.com really useful
After 2 days running Miniflux 2.0.23 on my Raspberry 2 Model B, I can say it's running pretty nice ! Sometimes when trying to display the original content of an RSS entry it take 2-3 seconds, not really an issue !
Thanks for the update!! I'm going to by a Pi sometime this month to start testing my projects. :) Thank you so much.
I wish I could start a company that builds crazy hardware like Pocket (analogue.co/pocket) from Analogue. I would rebuild Sony Vaio P with brand new hardware. Make the whole keyboard a trackpad just like Blackberry does on their smartphones. Add phone and NFC capabilities to it too.
I'd love that kind of projects as well.
I have these thoughts from time to time, rejecting them due to the necessity of at least a tens of thousands devices to produce them in sufficiently advanced manufacturing technology.
Just came across charm.sh, really like this aesthetics ! ALso the made some really cool CLI tools with their own TUI framework in Go. And it's open source !
This looks super useful!
Sounds like science fiction but transparent wood might be a thing soon: usda.gov/media/blo...
I'm looking forward to seeing if NileRed is going to try and improve his run. It was actually wayyy better than I expected nearly 3 years ago (but still far away), so I can only imagine the procedures have been ironed out a lot more. youtube.com/watch?...
After two years of no resets, my wireless router has died. The 4G hotspot saved me until I receive a new router. I can stream local TV at 180p. :)
2 years is a short span for a router. I upgraded to a 5G Tp-Link Archer C50 last year. It's okay. The old one still runs as a backup (5 years old).
Not gonna lie, this is way cleaner than twitter.
Yes, it is friendly here!