I had to switch to Gnome temporarily for Mathematica, because on i3wm the cursor disappears.
What's your distribution, out of curiosity?
Happy 4th of July to those who celebrate!
Happy 4th of July to you too!
Thank you...about to have some apple pie!
Once again I am doing a project for CERNish institute and once again I have to code in C++ killmeplease
What's wrong with C++?
What is the project about? Is it linked to the particle accelerator?
, I see that you have Honolulu in your profile. I lived there for a couple of years due to my job, but moved back to Texas about a year and a half ago. Do you live there now, or do you go back-and-forth?
I've lived in Honolulu forever. My uni is in Shanghai. So yes, I would technically be going back and forth, but as of right now, summer break, I am here in Honolulu. How was your experience living here?
I want a peaceful life
How would a perfect day in that peaceful life look like? I'm curious because not everyone has the same idea on 'peaceful'.
Wouldn't it get boring after a while?
I was actually thinking about sublevel the other day when I saw the return email in my inbox. Hello!
Hi again, Andrew! What games do you play? That's good emoji choice.
Uh oh... Senior managers are on the warpath! They're saying a meeting is the only way to sort things out. DON'T DO IT! It's a TRAP!
What are some alternative, small-web projects, like subreply, Gemini etc? I don't like how computing works today, and I want to embrace all the small fun projects
Not really stuff like Subreply, but I had fun the other day browsing through simone.computer/#/...
I'm with you on this. My current side-project is a virtual pub - midnight.pub - i'm contemplating serving it with gemini as well.
At drive-in cinema without a car.
Interesting...! Where do you sit at a drive in when you have no car?
I always wanted to something like that in front of my house
How do I populate this feed?
I see that posts appear in trending when two people reply multiple times to each other. What is the current requirement for a chain of posts to appear in trending? I think that only posts with multiple unique people replying should appear in that section.
Well, a trending discussion between only two people could still be interesting to read. Which in turn could eventually see other people popping up in the thread. Like a discussion seed... Though if you "de-prioritize" those we could still look in the search tab I guess. Or the feed with highly replied posts. Not sure what's the most convinient...
An interesting idea, a thread will need a counter for unique people replying. Trending feed shows the top 15 threads from the last 30 with at least one reply.
Hofstadter walks into a bar, the bartender says "that's strange, didn't I just see you leaving?"
Now I got a book to read. Aren't we all in a big strange loop?
I got so mad at my Thinkpad X390 that I bought an X230. I'm switching in a few days, and will just send the X390 for warranty repairs repeatedly until they either fix it or get bored and give me my money back. (It's already been there four times)
I didn't know they still sold the X230! I used the 2012 model for four years. Great form factor.
Meetings that start after 4pm - why? Just. WHY?
One Crazy Trick to Turn Poor Time Management Skills Into a Positive...
I can't seem to use the flag emojis on this site. Is that intentional?
On the profile status or reply box? For reply box there's an unicode to ascii converter. All emojis should work for profiles excluding duplicates.