Is there an option here to delete an account?
If there isn't they've really gotta add one
I don't think so. We probably have to contact about it.
What happened?
I want a launcher for Android that has the app drawer as home screen and lets me hide certain apps.
You can have this with Bliss Launcher (for /e/). But you can't hide certain apps (or i don't know how to do this)
maybe you could have a look to KISS Launcher on F-Droid
I just found out that clicking the "0d ago" button brings you to the parent post. There really should be a more obvious button (or even a thing telling u what it does) for that.
I thought it was obvious since there isn't anything else to click on to see the parent post.
The general failure and ultimate collapse of the Texas power grid should forever be remembered as a failure of unregulated capitalism. For the numerous failures and tragedies broadly attributed to "socialism", I think it is fair to blame this on on capitalism.
Interesting, i generally agree. capitalism is terrible at planning for the worst case scenario. See also: the pandemic
Money = motivation in capitalism. What motivation mechanisms are there with socialism? I would think that part of the reason we have advanced so far in the past few hundred years is largely because of the motivations provided by capitalism. Can it go too far? Obviously.. True capitalism means monopolies..
It's possible to have private messages on Subreply. They can be encrypted using the password hash. Changing the password will fail to decrypt old messages.
But why this way? Why not encrypt a separate key (maybe even per message exchange) that is reencrypted when the password gets changed.
Why not destruct a message after logout ? Passwords are not control mechanisms. Sometimes you have to change your password for security purposes. An attack on an account could result in the loss of the important information. Better to just delete everything in a clear manner.
Just so I have something to point to - biology : now :: computers : late 60/early 70s
I am guessing this is more specifically related to CRISPR or other genetics-related technologies?
Actually using Albert or rofi on Linux (X11) as application launcher, do you have any other recommendation ?
I currently use Rofi and love it, but maybe check out if you're looking for alternatives. is my go to page for such questions:
Almost human? MetaHuman Creator: High-Fidelity Digital Humans Made Easy | Unreal Engine -
That's pretty freaky. Imagine seeing yourself doing something horrible that you know you didn't do, but it's so realistic you couldn't tell it wasn't real. At least movies could use it I guess.
Is the United States more religious than Europe? My understanding is that Europe is broadly-but-casually religious whereas the US is specifically-but-actively religious, e.g. France vs the Bible Belt. Curious because I heard an argument attributing the prevalence of religion as inversely proportional to the size of a societies social safety net.
In France, since 1905, we have a strong secularism (french secularism). Step by step people lost faith. But since twenty years, there is a revival, especially worn by the Muslim community. The new fashionable term is spirituality, not really faith but believe in some spirit, theism or pantheism. French people reject mainly the Church as an institution not religion
Those strongly religious people are mostly in the South and Midwest. Anything along the coasts is less religious too.
Why does nearly every business announce via Business Wire? Why not a normal blogpost? It's unclear to me what it's distinguishing attributes are, perhaps a direct feed into newsrooms?
Might just be easier/get out to more people. I feel like people would actively look for a blog post while Business Wire would come to them (in a way).
I want to add social links to profiles. What other social networks do you use?
I think twitter would be a big one, and maybe reddit would be good to add. Not sure if instagram/facebook would fit but idk.
Learn how drive traffic to your blog using facebook
I prefer driving traffic more organically by talking to people in chatrooms (IRC, Matrix, etc), small forums, etc. and getting related blogs to link to it. I'd rather avoid walled silos like Facebook, especially given Facebook's ethical issues.
grr... It sucks when you want to sign up with a fairly-unique username on reddit, only to discover it was already registered 9 years ago, and has never been used.
Super annoying. At least you can get what you want on subreply, lol
running an entire data center to mine cryptocurrencies should be an environmental crime. If a rule like that were enforced globally, people would eventually innovate and come up with a "green" bitcoin.
In Texas, many are without water, power, and internet. With no lights and internet, I wonder how many people's sleep schedules that's going to affect.
If this is to last, I'm relocating now ;)
Start working as a physicist in a R&D company just to write a Django app +_+
That's how I started with Python. In 2012 I joined a startup to learn Django.