How hot does it get where you live during the summer? We had a temperature of 36 degrees Celsius today, and let me tell you, we're just not used to that kind of heat here in London, UK!
37-42 degrees Celsius and sometimes higher is usual for summers in Bakersfield, California USA.
Normally 35 degrees in (southern) Maine USA.
Usually we have a high of 27, with a couple of days over 30. I'm near Vancouver, Canada.
Where I am, it's hot all year around. 25 on average now. Maybe 35 on peak summer days. Recite, Brazil.
38-42 degrees Celsius with a very humid weather. Manila, Philippines.
38 degrees Celsius near Toulouse, France. For this country, it's high, usually, we have 30 to 33 degrees.
get used to it... or move to the north. It will get warmer and warmer.
After 2 weeks at 35-36 degrees, we had a drop of about 10 degrees yesterday. It's pouring rain and I am wearing an hoodie. Yikes.
It will soon be the last day of July, and while I'm looking forward to a new month, it is also quite clear that we're in the same old nightmare: Covid-19 has not gone away and it looks like the second wave of the pandemic is on its way.
It is stressing me out now, not really eager to go back to work in a few days, just when the situation is worsening. And our government here as badly manage the first wave. We are in for a rough ride...
It's been tough. I'm doing well relatively speaking but the overall situation has caused a lot of stress
My instinct about covid is to think 'oh, i'll be fine', which I have to actively fight. For example, I was really hoping to fly to go to a wedding this weekend, but I had to talk myself into understanding that "no mangoman, you don't know that it will just be 'ok'". I finally cancelled, even though I had friends who are flying.
I try to keep myself positive. We'll (hopefully) come out of this situation with some good lessons for the future. I'm glad I can finally find enough time for things I always wanted to do. I've also been talking to people a lot, and I've reconnected with some really old friends during this period. It's a good time to slow down a little and pay attention to the people and things you love. Take care and stay safe! We're in this together.
it's the same wave, the first never went away
It's moving day! Not looking forward to the move itself but excited for the new place.
Good luck! Moving is never fun but the end result will be worth it!
that's awesome! super exciting times
Think how relieved you'll feel when it's done! Exciting!
Best wishes for the move!
I really glad social networks exists, I would have not known a lot but I feel like I never have anything to say, no opinion to display, am I alone in this case ? Am I condemned to be part of the "silent majority" ?
Il n'y a aucune obligation d'ecrire quoique ce soit si vous n'en avez pas envie... Vous pouvez juste parcourir les ecrits et reagir a quelque chose qui vous interpelle en particulier... Ce que beaucoup d'utilisateurs font je pense. Evidemment il faut que des sujets initiaux soient ecrits, sinon comment repondre au neant ? ;)
I am sure you have interesting stuff to share! I am also part of the 99% silent majority: I've posted to reddit only once in 7 years! The feeling of not having anything to share is merely psychological and a force of habit. Since we never post, we never think about posting. Other issues are shyness and perfectionism. I've been trying to post one thought per day here to try and change my mindset. It doesn't have to be perfect, nobody knows me here, no up or down votes.
In real life, we have beers to help us speak more easily... not on social media! :) Most of the people who speak don't have anything to say either. That's the beauty of it. We don't go to social spaces to learn, but more to connect. I'm glad you wrote your message!
Three key elements of a Summer playlist: 1) Anything by the Beach Boys 2) Something with the word "Summer" in the title - Exhibit A would be Summer Breeze by The Isley Brothers 3) Reggae or reggaeton tracks; let me know if you agree! Perhaps share your favourite summer playlists?
I think those are very good criteria for a summer playlist. I'm not very good at creating playlists so I unfortunately don't have other suggestions. I would just listen to your summer playlist!
These are some of my first picks for summer playlists: Cruel Summer.-Bananarama, Chris Rea-Texas. 311-Amber.
what note-taking apps u guys/girls use? is there any note taking app with context-sensitive search feature. I've thousands of notes, and sometime searching info. takes time.
has a complete list. Check them out!
If Visual Studio Code is a friend to you, you might want to check out Foam extension : It will help you build an interconnected graph with your notes, from feedbacks I saw it is quite nice and well rounded. Maybe the showstopper for you will be to convert your existing notes but al least it is worth the try I think (:
I use - it's one of my favorite app ever :)
What is a context-sensitive search in this case?
What will the web be like in 5 years?
I wish I knew enough about the internet to provide an authentic answer. Hope it will be better than it was 5 years ago.
This is something we can't predict I think, trends born and die so quickly now. I hope there will be more consciousness about personal data with the need to own them and more decentralization, people getting more on alternative networks/app like here or ()
subreply is dead
Why do you say that? Doesn't seem dead to me. There are many discussions going on
Not dead, is resting.
My company started cutting folks yesterday due to lack of funds. COVID is hitting us pretty hard. (My company writes software for hotels.)
I'm sorry to hear that. I hope things work out for you and your colleagues :\
I'm sorry to hear :-( So many people are being affected. Scary
Oh no! So sorry to hear this.
I make software for hotels too! A PMS actually.
Quiet days of rest and reflection should be mandated for our wellbeing. Just here, relaxing on Sunday, slowing right down. Hoping you are all enjoying your day!
I'm playing on my phone in the hot tub while my wife is making burgers. About as relaxed as can be right now. :)
i really wanted subreply to thrive
Same here! It's up to us :)
Don't you think it's thriving? I agree with : it's up to us to make Subreply thrive
I really doubt we will have people on the moon by 2024, as is the current plan. And that's if they don't end up canceling the Artemis program due to coronavirus related budget cuts.
Doubt it as well. If canceled it will probably be for political reasons depending on the next election results... Then the mission architecture itself is pretty bloated w/the orbital gateway, sinking further billions (SLS delta-V not able to reach the Moon, just the station in its orbit). And I'm not sure Moon direct missions will be done initially, you have to justify the use of the SLS/gateway. The good part is the international co-op. 2024 is a tight time frame indeed...
Guy is crazy, so I believe him: Elon Musk(2019): "Well, this is gonna sound pretty crazy, but I think we could land on the moon in less than two years. Certainly with an uncrewed vehicle I believe we could land on the moon in two years. So then maybe within a year or two of that we could be sending crew. I would say four years at the outside."..."If it were to take longer to convince NASA and the authorities that we can do it versus just doing it, then we might just do it."
In order for AI to be "sentient" or truly "alive" it would need to disobey its programming. In the biblical origin story God created humans and gave them the ability to disobey..
I agree with the sentiment. The problem thus is not with the I on AI, but with the A. Because life is all about going off script in order to keep on going. No fixed rules. If the universe allows it, it's good to go.
I see your point, but wouldn't a random number generator suffice? Like an agent that selects randomly between several possible / appropriate behaviors. In a way, our personalities might just be biases in our own random generators.
I bought a birthday card for my dad, but forgot to bring it with me when I visited him, so I mailed the card after. Today he received the card and it 'blew him away' and 'left him speechless'.
Twice as more satisfaction in the end!
Just goes to show: Better late than never!
Just updated my blog to auto detect dark mode, plus a little update to /now (including a recommendation for the book Hell Yeah or No):
Congrats! Your blog looks really cool. :)
If anyone has 5 minutes to spare I would appreciate some feedback on the layout of my 'open notes' section of my new homepage. I've created 2 entries so far and plan to publish all my notes over time.
Looks very much like a man page, but I bet that's what you're going for. You should add a CSS definition like `code { word-wrap: break-word; }' so it displays properly on mobile.
Seems a bit off on mobile. I noticed a link extended past the white bounding box and, as I think about it, I wonder why that white box isn't the whole page.