Most content consumption leads to anger, hate, and mental pain. Not consuming content leads to mellowness and peace but an uninformed stance. I used to think the world was "nice" and most people were "good" but it seems harder and harder to find those things I used to think. Is the internet just very good at highlighting the "edge cases". Does the internet accurately represent the world and its opinion as a whole or is it just edge case after edge case.
Don't be a doomer, dude. It's cringe af. There are plenty of good people in the world and most content on the internet is actually great. Highly organized political action groups and state actors are able to amplify propaganda using bots but that's easy to filter out. Just curate your feed.
White people raped and pillaged the world for centuries. Now that we took their toys away they are throwing a hissy fit by being fascist right wing trolls. It's mainly white American men. Most people are alright. Don't let it get you down.
This is a pretty zen attitude.
Kinda boring tbh
Just don't care about it. Limit your emotional response.
Filter bubbles certain contribute to losing a sense of what other people think. ie: wordlist filters, user blocking functions, ect...
Do you think the 1% rule is true, that for every 99 people who read something, only one will post? If that's the case, then everything on the internet is an edge case.
You might find this insightful: I Hate the News - Aaron Swartz
Have you read local newspapers? That might be a way for you to restore some faith in humanity. Mainstream media tend to have one or another form of political agenda so in turbulent times they can get rather nasty.
Well according the UN more than half of the world doesn't have access to the internet so I would say no, not the worlds. As for the people who do and the content they create if you look closely you'll find that you're probably having more negative content pushed on you than you realize. Media, advertisers etc. know that negativity gets clicks.
The 1% rule ( ) states that, as a rule of thumb, only 1% of users actually engage and create content. So yeah, the internet is good at giving a voice to the edge cases. Most people are normal (whatever that means).
Assumption 1: content consumption leads to hate, etc. Assumption 2: no consumption the opposite. Those are just that, assumptions. Anecdata: I know several people that consume a lot of content and are fairly peaceful, as I know people who don't consume and are assholes.
Just a handful of people can spoil your perception of the others but it doesn't speak to the fact that the others are also as bad.
It depends on where you decide to look. Filtering is the ultimate problem. News can be addictive, moderation is difficult. My rule of thumb is to frequent places with active and stimulating conversations. Avoid Twitter, FB. Maintain a selection of subreddits which you like and actively leave the ones that start to get polluted.
What laptop does everyone use?
I'm still using a 2012 MacBook Pro. Probably about time I replaced it though...
MBP at home, X1 Carbon at work
Laptop? I use an old 2012 computer.
I use a Corebooted ThinkPad x220 running OpenBSD 6.6 (I need to upgrade to 6.7 but the upgrade script is a little strange with my full disk encryption setup).
2014 15" macbook
T420 upgraded to 16GB RAM, with Debian 10.4 and occasionally whatever other systems I'm testing.
Dell Inspiron P25T. It's a piece of crap, but at least it has a touch screen.
what's something new you've started doing/learning since covid-19 forced us all to stay inside?
Going on a lot more walks around the neighborhood than I used to (with a mask of course).
Playing the shit out of my drumset. Im getting way better.
-- --- .-. ... . / -.-. --- -.. . Why? For fun.
I started reading more. It is easy to get into if you start with short books like Animal Farm, The Hobbit, The Bell Jar, The Catcher in the Rye, etc. It feels satisfying to finish a book, mark it as read on Goodreads and think about it for a day or two. I plan to slowly transition into bigger books once my attention span increases.
Started to learn about the gut and brain. Very interesting topics. Fascinating to be honest.
This site needs polls
imo it's better to keep it minimal. already has almost no JS, why bloat up perfection?
Here's a simple ranked choice poll website you could use and link to:
I believe there is value in the simple text mode function of the existing interface. Certainly there is a niche that has been filled for the more feature-full social platforms like Facebook/Twitter that implement polls and the like. My personal hope is that this site will not go the way of "reinventing the wheel" and retain what makes it unique - text only functionality.
Someday, I'd like to launch a SaaS app. What would be some great ways to promote it, if I am on a $0 budget?
Create something that solves a problem you have. Find other people with the same problem (by where you looked to solve the problem)
That's difficult to say. It may be preferable to acquire a modest budget to work with before attempting to promote it. Perhaps word of mouth, but of that I am unsure in terms of the odds of success. Maybe if it's really useful and provides a lot of value to the user then word of mouth could be a vector for successful promotion.
build community I assume. community around the problem that you are solving.
In lieu of a community: product hunt, indie hackers,, hacker news, twitter, a mailing list, or a niche subreddit are all good venues for launching. As I understand it, the received wisdom is that word-of-mouth-type organic growth is king, hence anything you can do to encourage that is best. I would encourage you to check out Pioneer too (
What kinds of software and service are you thinking about? Some are probably more likely to do sans budget than others.
If you don't have a cash budget, then you'll have to pay with time. Find people affected by the problem you're solving. Hang out in the areas those kinds of people do. Spend your time tracking down the people who need your service, because without cash it isn't going to advertise itself.
How did u find out about subreply?
Ok so IMO future of civilization rests on us harnessing fusion energy. Discuss
Oh cool! But I actually disagree. We will eventually figure out fusion (hopefully within the next decade or so) but it is not necessary for the future of human civilization. The sun will be emiting plenty of energy for at least the next million of years. Fusion will become more important when we start getting ready to leave the solar system. So, what's your opinion?
I suspect solar will be the path forward in the immediate future as the lithography of photovoltaic cells is shrinking exponentially year over year on a similar price/performance curve seen with microprocessor lithographic shrinkage. I suppose we'll see how far that trend continues and how inexpensive and high quality the panels become as a result.
32 CSP sites producing 5GWh/day in the US along the sunbelt with towers about 887 meters high and 1.02MM meters2 of heliostat surface area each, can produce about double the current US energy consumption today. Dubai just completed on for about 950 MW (with about 700 MW of CSP) on June 16th at a cost of around $4.3 billion. if its similar in costs to the Chile plant in 2017 the can profit from $0.05kwh. This also uses the typical nan03+ kno3 salt and not higher delta k salts
So is this thing gonna take off or what?
Invite some people then maybe. Do you want it to take off?
I think there's a good chance. But I do think it needs a little bit more work, especially when it comes to navigation. I wish it was open source so I could contribute to it.
If it doesn't, should package this up and enable people to start their own topic-focused communities
if you're looking for a new touring bike, are pretty solid for the price. i would replace the saddle and pedals, but their prices for a new bike are very good. camping equipment can be quite expensive, but fortunately once you're out on the road, you're really only paying for food and some camping sites here and there.
Thanks for recommendation. I'll bookmark it. It's going to have to be a next year thing. Currently saving money for skis and a ski pass. I just moved to Utah
Have you ordered off bikesdirect? I've been really close to in wanting to replace my bike but haven't yet.
subreply does not have a clear focus. Unlike a subreddit where people are seeking a specific type of content. rn it just feels like one big chat room with little common topics. IDK if that is a good or bad thing.
Perhaps with time, and maybe more users, people can start to organize into sub-networks with shared interests, by followers or hashtags.
Perhaps hashtags could serve as a function for topic based thread organization.
now that you mentioned scraping, I might write a simple cron job to track post data, active hours, post bursts, and geolocated activity. Would be neat to look at!
yes you could just ping it over to Segment maybe?
I'd definitely be interested to see.
what are things like having a vpn that all internet users should have more often?
Using the Tor Browser for browsing the internet. Really, VPNs are only preferable for avoiding geo-restrictions and streaming; tracking companies use far more advanced techniques than simply checking one's IP address.
I am concerned how clueless Imperial unit system users are. Minutes, nor months are measured in 'm'.
Wise words said 10 meters ago
I'm having a tooth pulled on Wednesday morning (molar, pretty big one). I'm thinking about whether I can still work that day or should write it off. What do you think?
take the day off bro
You can work fine if You need to if dentist does careful job and tooth is not inflamed. But you will feel a little dizzy afterwards because of anesthetic and general stress. Pulled few already (long story as to why few...), in different places, it all depends on dentist. Sometimes I need to sleep it off, sometimes I could continue driving another 100 kilometers without giving it a thought.
I had 4 wisdom teeth out. My two bottom ones were huge and left pretty big holes. That being said I felt fine. I wasn't out under, just had a pain killer. I could have easily worked so I'm sure you could too. I will say like 3 days later I had the worst headache I've ever had and apparently that can come after jaw trauma so be on the look out for that.
It's gorgeous, but is there any way to make the text bigger? I'm old af.
See by for alternative styling. If you use Firefox I recommend the 'Stylus' extension for adding your own stylesheets to websites.
CTRL+PLUS works for me