🐢 Xia Do you know the feeling of sometimes feeling alone in the world despite family and friends? What do you do about it?
Chris Silverman I've felt that way my entire life, and I'm starting to realize that a lot of it comes from being around people who I don't connect with. They're not bad--I genuinely like them--but they never listen and they don't care about the things I care about. I think this comes from the fact that I've acquired most of my friends by default--the path of least resistance. If there's anyone in your life you genuinely connect with, I'd consider why, and try to find more people like them.
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🧔 Justin I prefer it without it! One of the reasons I used to like 4chan (10 years ago) in spite of the offensive content and anonymity was that people didn't try to gain the approval of others. I think you end up with more genuine interaction that way, though with 4chan you get a lot more than just that, of course.
Chris Silverman Agreed. I think the "save" function is really smart, since on Twitter a lot of times, I use "like" more to bookmark something.
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Ice If you could, how would you personally improve the UX of this site?
Chris Silverman Sounds silly, but I don't understand how the "replies" function works at all. I'll see a thread with something like "8 replies", and when I click it, I expect the replies to drop down under it in a clear hiearchy. They don't seem to do that, and I don't see the number of replies that the link indicates.
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🔻 Trinity alright fellas, the big debate: windows, linux, macOS, haiku, reactOS (lul), bsd, unix, beos, amigaos, etc... what operating system do you use? what operating system do you like the best? and why?
Chris Silverman I use macOS and iOS on a regular basis. Partly habit--I've been an Apple person for thirty years--and partly because I think they're easier to use and they just look better.
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